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    Hello Equus!

    Long time, no talk! July has ushered in a plethora of changes for Equus, and it’s high time we shared them with you!

    I: Saying Goodbye To Elsie (for now)
    Our long-time leader, sheet expert, duct-tape wielder, and Mother Of 2.5 @Elsie-Spectre has decided to step down from her role as Equus’ head admin. Elsie has selflessly donated Herculean amounts of her time, energy and money to make Equus what it is today. We could not be here without all she contributed to this community, and I personally could not be in the position I am without her friendship and mentoring. We salute you, Elsie- thank you for being such solid shoulders to stand on as we look towards Equus’ future. I hope you all will join me in thanking her and wishing her luck in her future endeavors. :heart:
    In her stead, I will be taking over as Equus’ head administrator. I am thrilled to see where we can go together, Equus.

    II: Upcoming Donation Drive
    We have been postponing this long enough- it is long past time to run a new Donation Drive. Equus costs around $300 USD per year to run- and we rely on you guys to help us cover the costs.
    If any creators are interested in providing Custom Content for us to release as incentives for the drive, please contact me! No contribution is too small. Content will be available to everyone to download once a donation goal is reached, not just donors.
    My goal is to have the drive posted sometime mid-July!

    III: New Deceased Horses Account
    We heard you asking for it’s return, and so it has. However, like it says on the tin, horses sent to this account are dead and may not be retrieved by reclaim, under any circumstances. Consider carefully before sending a horse here.

    IV: New Show Type: Affiliated Member Hosted Challenges
    After we decided to remove Traditional photo shows a few years ago, our shows have been a tad lacking in creativity, roleplay and visual interest. Thus, we’ve decided to trial a new way for members to host photo shows, allowing them to create their own challenges and rules while being able to offer official Equus leaderboard points. Our first round of official challenges will be hosted by @Dimitri-Dane, who should be unveiling his shows later today! Our show staff may also host some challenges this month to help work all the kinks out of this new show type.
    Starting in August, members may apply to host challenges in any discipline. More information about member hosted affiliated challenges can be read here.
    Additionally, these show types, along with the still upcoming International show types, are going to replace the roleplay phase of R-shows, to help remove some burden from our show staff.

    That’s all for now, Equus- feel free to leave any questions you have below, I’ll do my best to answer! :horse:

  • I hope it’s alright to leave this here :hugging:

    @Elsie-Spectre - I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done here. ( :cry: ) It’s been a pleasure to be a part of Equus under you (and I feel incredibly honored to have been declared a CHILD OF CHAOS, a title I’ll be sure to carry with pride). Whether gen chat is burning or I'm harassing everyone at Crossroads, you’ve always been there working hard, you funky-hardworking-legendary-amazing GODDESS OF CHAOS. Equus really wouldn't be here without you. I wouldn't be here without you. You know this, I know this, and everyone better know this. (People who didn't know, could you please turn on location sharing?) Thank you, Elsie. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

    And Puck!!!!! It's quite obvious how amazingly you'll take on your new position. Anyone who thinks otherwise can refer to me, your great people-skills, and all the dedication you've put into pushing for change for the better by learning from the past and everyone else's opinions. :pray: :two_hearts:

    This has been a psa thanks for coming to my ted talk

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    It's sad to see you step down @Elsie-Spectre but thank you for everything you have done for us and for always listening. Not to mention, thank you for letting me be part of the amazing team working on equus :heart: don't go too far away, I will hunt you down and bring you back if you try!

    @Puck-Cantrell you will be a great leader, you have already proven that. You have big shoes to fill, but I have no doubt that you are gonna do that just fine and thank you for assigning me my most hilarious equus work title so far :joy:

  • Elsie,
    I am sad to hear of your stepping down but know you have left the community in best of hands. You've always been a kind hearted person in the community and will be awesome to watch the community move forward. You did so much for everyone here, especially with the amazing spreadsheets you provided for us and all of us have enjoyed and love to use. It gives everyone a lot of organizations to not feel so over-whelmed. The job of running Equus isn't one for the weak. At one point or another we all have seen and shared in drama and arguments and you have been there to keep the chaos under control. Good luck in whatever the future brings your way and thank you for all you've done for everyone here.

    alt text

    I couldn't think of a better person to step up to the role as a leader of Equus! You're such a kind and helpful person I am very excited to see the things you bring to Equus as you take us forward into the future of it. These changes sound awesome and I'm especially excited for these show changes to see a somewhat Tradtional Show returning, I was bummed when it left and even with the role-play lost motivation for the community. Congrats on your new role :D

    alt text

  • Goodbye @Elsie-Spectre, It's been an honor to have been a part of this great community for years, and it wouldn't be what it is today without your generosity!

    @Puck-Cantrell, Thank you for taking on the role of admin! You're a fantastic leader, i'm confident you will do a great job with the community.

    (Sorry I'm late to the party, been on a haitus xD )

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