[RESULTS] Shore's End Show Hunter Trials - 1st Circuit - Horse Division

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    | Ridden by Ellory Clarke | Handy Class |

    You... Made me feel I was at home.

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    Skies are blue...

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    I lost this feeling in my bones.

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    • Crossrail Class • Edited Class •
    In the summertime when the weather is hot, You can stretch right up and touch the sky

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    Anne was glad that she had the chance to participate in this show. Although none of the horses in her stable was qualified for a Hunter show, they were able to lease a beautiful mare named Mar'vell from Unique Stable. Fortunately she was not only able to participate, the leased mare was also experienced in this kind of shows. In the first days of training even Anne could learn a lot from this horse. At the day of the show she was confident although a bit nervous. But both did fine in their round. And in the end Anne praised the mare by patting her neck and left the arena. She was happy they were able to participate and she didn't care for any placement.

    [I am not able to register in the online table due to the main side being down and I can't look up the register number of the horse :/ Will make good for that if I can get the number :) EDIT-- FOUND IT THX]

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    Balou ridden by Georg von Hohenfeld- Baby Green Class

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    Georg never really got into any types of Hunting Shows, until he visited his old friend Maggie York a few months ago. When he saw her jump so elegantly and effortlessly over the obstacles with one of her Hunter horses, he was hooked. Actually hooked was an understatement. So he spent days and nights on learning everything hunter-related and he just wasn't (mentally and physically) able to turn down Maggie's offer, to compete one of beloved her hunting prospects! Balou is a beautiful draft cross- in Maggies word's "so sane yet sporty!" Anyways, after some weeks of arduous training, Balou and Georg competed for their very first time together! We will see how well both did!

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    RFE Étincelantes | German Sport Horse Mare | competing in Crossrail Class | ridden by Connor Bishop

    "Connor was exited when Eric arrived with a trailer on his property. On board was the beautiful mare called Ettie. She was sold to him a week ago and it was an honour for Eric to bring over the mare to his friend. Connor always wanted to do a bit jumping, but he never had the chance to put his hands on a true jumper! He also didn't want to go high classes, so a Show Hunters horse was perfect for him! He took the advantage to try out his new mare at this show! It was the mares first show ever, both are super happy! Ettie jumped the small jumps so softly and without any fear that Connor didn't want to stop jumping and had all day a big grin in his face! Such a wonderful day for these two!"

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    Shore's End Hunter Trials, Britain, July 2019

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    "Don't be afraid little sister! Oby is a champ and he would never let you down!
    You and him will fly over those jumps like it's the most natural thing to do in this world."

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    And so they did! ❤

  • Thomas Meyer & Mister DarkN'Run
    Performance class


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    Vanessa Cole | fixstern Golden Girl II
    Working (6)
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    When does one stop being nervous about their performance? It had been six years and that had yet to happen. You put in your 10,000 hours, you do your mental exercise, you know your horse, and still there’s no escaping that tight bundle in your stomach. Vanessa adjusted her hold on Goldie’s reinsand drew a deep breath to calm her heartbeat while waiting for her turn on the ring. Six years she had been riding the horse, practically from the very beginning, and she knew her better than she knew her own pockets.
    Perhaps it was because she knew her horse so well why every show was a new experience. Goldie was, after all, a mare with rather strict opinions and unyielding principles. She could sail through the jumping phase with the grace of a flagship, her bascule immaculate and her ears always perked up, but she might just as well decide that trot was not a suitable pace for jumping and refuse that particular fence altogether, or if Vanessa herself would judge a distance wrong. In the flatwork phase on the other hand, her part-Andalusian’s high knee-action tended to give the judges a minor heartburn.
    Perhaps it was because Vanessa was the type to stress over small things.

    A round of applause marked the end of the previous competitor’s round and the gate was opened for Vanessa and her mount to enter the ring. Goldie’s ears were perked up as always and Vanessa could feel her excitement, but while alert, she remained calm, eyeing the jumps with curiosity as if saying, “ah, this again?”. At the nudge of Vanessa’s legs she picked up an easygoing canter and headed for the first obstacle, a wide vertical with curved brush fillers. An easy jump to start with. A far less easy jump was fence #6, a robust log that was narrow enough to make Goldie raise her head and hesitate for a stride until Vanessa’s legs encouraged her to clear it. Turning to fence #8, a grey wall, it was Vanessa’s turn to be nervous.

    “You look like you just realized that you left the kettle on”, Mary laughed, showing Vanessa the picture she’d taken of them clearing the wall. Vanessa, still feeling light-headed after their round, could only manage a weak huff. Beside her, Golden Girl shook her mane, her meticulous plats wobbling a bit.
    “It looked so much bigger than when I was walking the course! I was sure that we’d take a rail down.”
    “Well, you didn’t. You did so well, both of you! Let me take her for a bit and walk her off, you go get something to drink. There are still few riders left to go so we have plenty of time.”

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    Devon Bacerra | fixstern Debeladora
    Green (5)
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    There are several combinations in the world that simply don’t go together. Bright red and blue, for example. Or lemon and cream. Or baking soda and vinegar; when apart, both were rather innocent and common household items, but when put together what inevitably followed was a chemical chain reaction leading to a minor explosion. And like baking soda and vinegar, Devon Bacerra and a holiday were a dangerous combination.

    Last time, she had ended up buying a horse. This time she was only visiting her equestrian centre’s sister stable in Wales where there was no risk of accidentally encountering a sweet pony in desperate need of a loving home so her team had felt confident leaving the impulsive 30-year-old unsupervised. Devon for her part was self-aware enough to know that her team did have a point. She was welcomed to Fixstern by Vanessa Cole who owned two offspring of Devon’s show hunter mare Daisy May, and they had both been eager to meet again to catch up. In the end, it was the chestnut mare Debeladora who Devon ended up gushing over.
    “She looks so much like Daisy! Only not quite as red. And such a lovely head!”
    “She’s lovely. She’s so good-natured, too. I’ve been thinking about showing her in dressage at some point, but then I always change my mind. We’ve been doing all right with her so far. There’s another show coming up in a couple of weeks, we’ve been training towards that with Goldie.”
    “But not with this one?” Debeladora nudged Devon’s arm over her stable door.
    “I would love to, but I don’t think I’ll be riding two horses this time. With her, I’d like someone more experienced to show her once or twice and give her that little boost of confidence, you know? It would help with our training as well. But no one here hunts, so that’s never happened.”
    Having herself competed on multiple horses at one point, Devon couldn’t quite understand why only two horses for one single discipline would be too much, but in a way she could see where Vanessa was coming from. She looked at the mare, who looked back at her with gentle eyes. She really did look like her dam…

    Devon stroked the mare’s velvet muzzle, her smile gradually growing into a grin.
    “So when is this show, exactly?”

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    :palm_tree: CMS Dragonfly Days I Antonia Reed I High Performance (8) :palm_tree:

    One of the first horses Antonia met at RME was an awkward looking horse named Dragonfly Days. He was rather ill built, with a strange grey coat and big pink nose. Although, as Antonia got to know the steed's incredibly kind and gentle personality, it was hard not to fall head over heels in love with the goofy little Dragon. In his prime he had an incredible knack for flowing effortlessly around the courses Antonia and he competed in. Because of Dragon's successes in show hunters he was semi retired. The pair would go for long walks in hand through the forests and anything else they could find. The announcement of the, "Shore's End Show Hunter Trials" inspired Antonia to bring Dragon back into the swing of things. Antonia knows her horses, and she is able to intuitively pick up on their feelings. She was never too sure if going back to competing, although just one competition, was something Dragon would be inspired to do. Each day though she could feel her companion's excitement and inspiration flowing back. He was ready and she could feel it. He jumped all the courses they practiced at home with effortless ease. On the day of the show they arrived to face an intermittent cloudy day. The sea whirred a salty breeze throughout the competition. Dragon loved the ocean and being able to hear it throughout the day sent calming waves throughout his body. When the pair entered the ring their were no butterflies in Antonia's stomach. Dragon listen to the sound of the shore, and floated around the arena to the pace of the waves. Up, down, up, down rocked the waves. And in the midst of their rhythmic sound, was the floating stallion.

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  • Lexington's Mesmeric

    Ridden by Alexander Verway for Courtour Estate
    Horse Division | Baby Green Class


    You're always overcompensating, aren't you?

  • entry slip


    Before taking her position at Lowmax, Dot was a rider for hire.
    ... Or so she told anyone who asked.
    What she’d really been was a glorified slave to the hunter princesses of St. Claire City’s metropolitan stables.
    (Except, not the glorified part)
    (There was nothing really glorious about it...)
    (Get my coffee. Re-sew this braid. Take these forms to the office. And do it before I get back.)
    (I can’t see my new eyelashes in these boots; shine them again)
    (Bae’s pooped on his tail and you need to whiten it)
    (Make his eyes POP)
    (This isn’t a non-fat extra-hot double-foam half-caf caramel macchiato with white chocolate sprinkles!)
    (His hooves aren't done until they're shinier than the presidential motorcade)
    (Get this green gunk off his bit. Again. No time to take it off- just shove your fingers in his mouth. Hurry.)
    (I said get me some lunch, not bring me a murder sandwich! I’m a
    VEGAN! Oh my god...)
    But for all her many faults and failings, Dot was nothing if not tenacious. Not like one of the heroines in the many novels she’d read, who defied hardship in big, bold, and dogged ways- like the princess who escaped the tower and lead the army to victory on the back of a giant dragon, the cadet who heroically ran back into the exploding spaceship to rescue their trapped commander, the clever and charming young lady who went against all of moral and proper Georgian society in the name of true love-
    (all of whom heroically died in the end)
    (well- the latter was not explicitly written, but Dot assumed an early and impoverished death in accordance with the tradition demanded by Georgian novels when noble ladies married beneath them)
    (of course)
    Dot was not like that.
    Not bold, not brave.
    But she was patient.
    With her own meek and mild brand of resolve she not only survived the hunter princess’ reign of terror, she thr-
    Well, no.
    She didn’t really thrive; she couldn't say she survived and thrived. It was more like… survived… and…
    Did sort of okay.

    active portion


    They taught her it was possible to sew forelock braids on head shy horses and only stab your thumbs two dozen times. That shine products shouldn’t be applied to the saddle area (unless you expressly wanted to see the person sitting in that saddle tipped in the dirt) and that there was secret inestimable value in baby wipes, mane mousse and hairdryers. She had perfected the art of emergency chrome whitening and lying when someone asked if their make up looked good. She had learned the difference between macchiato and latte.
    (sort of?)
    And, above all, the hunter princesses gave Dot her competitive start.
    When Cindy Chang broke her finger and had to miss a few shows, Dot was there. When Linda Walker contracted measles at the age of twenty-two, Dot saved the day. Every year during finals season- who helped Professor Rivera keep his big black mare climbing the levels? And when Kimberley Bartlett crashed her porsche on prom night and her parents grounded her- who made sure people of the hunter circuit still got to see that beautiful liver gelding they’d imported from the Netherlands float around the ring?
    (Dot did)



    Maybe she had the makings of a heroine after all.

  • Development Committee

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    1st. TBS Yarmanna - Marquis Moulin - Marquis Moulin
    2nd. RFE Étincelantes - Connor Bishop - Eric Sobeck
    3rd. Mar'vell U - Annabelle Wolfsbane - Unique Stable
    4th. USS Primadonna - Louisa Whittaker - Aurora Bianchi
    5th. RDEC Nireguare - Chloe West - Chloe West
    6th. ENS Shenanigans - Ginny Holmes - Maggie York
    7th. Midnight Prancer - Lexi House - Lexi House


    1st. WRNGS Milkshake - Adeline Ma - Alexa la Coupe
    2nd. WRNGS Reckoning's Muse - Amalia Venäläinen - Octavia Ryland
    3rd. USS Jannjay - Aurora Bianchi - Aurora Bianchi

    Baby Green

    1st. Divinity CO - Kylee Mathews - Marc Sanders
    2nd. Lexington's Mesmeric - Alexander Verway - Alexa la Coupe
    3rd. Balou - Georg von Hohenfeld - Claire von Hohenfeld


    1st. Hadiyah Aa - Tasha White - Tasha White
    2nd. RDEC Fallulah - Emilia Skaare - Diana Sæterbakken
    3rd. Caledonia de Duarte - Valery del Pozo - Irene Duarte


    1st. SY Elephant - Savannah West - Maggie York
    2nd. Ligeia S - Rose Greyson - Kayla Greyson
    3rd. Z Salem - Jasmine Wilkinson - Jasmine Wilkinson
    4th. fixstern Debeladora - Devon Bacerra - Isaiah Pace


    1st. fixstern Golden Girl II - Vanessa Cole - Isaiah Pace


    1st. Morpheus - Dorothy Lawley - Ariadne Waters
    2nd. Mister DarkN'Run - Thomas Meyer - Blake Bellanaris
    3rd. THE Moral Showbusiness - Jasmine Wilkinson - Jasmine Wilkinson

    High Performance

    1st. CMS Dragonfly Days - Antonia Reed - Zinnia Arvi
    2nd. Courtour's Messick - Joseph Cort - Rena Cort
    3rd. Chaotic World U - Rin Hyon - Cecilia Cherny
    4th. Simply Elegant U - Cecilia Cherny - Cecilia Cherny


    1st. QMR Supreme Fantasy - Ellory Clarke - Ellory Clarke
    2nd. WEC Orabelle - Helene Lund - Christina Lindblad


    1st. Ocarina Boy RHV - Fiora Healy - Fiora Healy

    Prizes will be distributed over the next few days due to there being quite a few of them to get through - hang tight! Your patience is appreciated.
    If you have questions about your placing, you may message me privately either here on the forum or on Slack.
    Please remember to keep all chatter in the chatter threads!

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