[RESULTS] Shore's End Show Hunter Trials - 1st Circuit - Horse Division

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    Look upon the sea, and the sigh of its tides and the roll of its foam-dusted waves...

    In celebration of the arrival of warm summer months, Shore's End Equestrian opens its doors to host the first of a three-show hunter circuit. We invite hunters in all levels and fields of the sport to come together to celebrate the grace and form of the hunter horse. Polish your tack to a mirror shine and practice your braids, and, of course: bring plenty of show sheen!

    This show will close at 11:59pm HST on Sunday, July 28th
    Judging will last for no longer than two weeks before placements are announced.

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    Official Equus Rules

    • Horses must be registered in Show Hunters to be able to participate in the show and earn prize rewards.
    • Members hosting the challenge are not permitted to enter their own horses, nor find another member to enter their horses for them, to prevent bias.
    • Photos and stories must be created uniquely for this show, and may not have been used elsewhere, either on this forum or in other communities.
    • Each horse must have an individual entry, no matter how many horses are in the story or photo. Story/photo entries may not be re-used for multiple horses.
    • Classes are divided up by horse levels. As with official shows, horses may be entered in levels below their level on the leaderboards but not above. Please note that due to the way payouts will be handled, there will be no separate divisions for editing vs. non-editing.
    • Classes with more than 14 horses entered will be split at random. There will be no phantoms entrants added.
    • You must complete and submit the entry form linked at the bottom of this post for your entry to be judged and placed. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

    Judging & General Guidelines

    • Entries must contain a minimum of one photo.
    • Members may create and enter as many images as they would like.
    • Entries must include at least one image of the horse performing during the "active" portion of its class - but that doesn't mean it needs to be the only thing shown!
    • The bulk of the judging will be done in traditional hunter fashion: based on ease of the ride and fluidity of movement, turnout, overall form, and style.
    • Hunters of all types are permitted, including US-style hunters and European, as well as breed-specific styles.
    • No official turn-out guidelines will be supplied; please take some time to research real-life hunters, or consult other members to get an idea of what the ideal hunter horse looks like.
    • Entries do not strictly need to be beach or summer themed; members may make an image set in the dead of winter during a blizzard, if they'd like.
    • There will be no entry card supplied for posting entries to the thread. This is to invite members to get creative with how they set up their entries, and think beyond it just being a form with an image attached. The full thread post will be judged as a complete entry; cohesiveness and creativity will be rewarded in this regard.
    • Members may enter a maximum of three horses total throughout the show, in as many or as few classes as they wish.
    • The same horse may not be entered into multiple classes.
    • Keep the level you're entering in mind when putting together your entry - we shouldn't expect to be seeing horses entered in Crossrail clearing Derby-height fences, and vice versa. Doing so will not result in disqualification, but it will be a factor in judging.
    Please remember that this thread is for HORSES only.
    Questions and comments should be directed to the chatter thread here.
    And above all else, have fun!

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    Available classes are as follows:

    • Crossrail
    • Schooling
    • Baby Green
    • Pre-Green
    • Green
    • Working
    • Performance
    • High Performance
    • Handy
    • Derby

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    Point and base cash rewards are as follows, and are the same for all classes, regardless of level:

    Placing Points Cash
    1st 15 $1,200
    2nd 12 $1,000
    3rd 10 $600
    4th 8 $480
    5th 6 $400
    6th 5 $320
    7th 1 $200
    8th 1 $200
    9th 1 $200
    10th 1 $200

    In addition to these base cash rewards, for each entry after the first, PER MEMBER in a given class, an additional $1,000 will be added to the base cash reward for placings first through sixth. This means, that if two members enter the Handy class, the reward for sixth place will become $1,320, fifth becomes $1,400, and so on. Please keep in mind that this is per member, meaning that one member cannot enter the same class multiple times to dramatically inflate the payout. There must be a minimum of two members entered into one class for the payout increases to begin taking effect.

    The following prizes are also available to be earned:

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    First place winners in each class will have their winning horse's name engraved onto the plaque.
    Special thanks to @Nicole-Loeffler for creating the trophy!

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    alt text
    Special thanks again to @Nicole-Loeffler for designing and meshing these ribbons!
    Note: ribbons are decor objects only, not accessories.
    1st 15
    All participants in our first circuit event will be provided with riding privileges in our riding hall following the judge's final announcement.

    annie | 5 year old ottb mare | representing foxwood
    crossrail division | listening

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    Ginny was nervous.

    This was her first time taking her off the track thoroughbred mare, Annie, off of the property for a show. Ginny had saved her money to afford the trailer ride, and the entry fees, and she was worried it would all be a wreck. Several things went in Ginny's favor. The lowest divisions went earlier, and in a much smaller ring that was away from the main arenas that were full of activity. Most importantly, Ginny had spent a lot of time working with Annie to give her a very solid foundation. Annie was young, but was already a very level-headed mare.

    Despite Ginny's anxieties, Annie rode the course just like she was schooling at home. It felt like a dress rehearsal more than an actual show.

  • Louisa Whittaker and USS Primadonna, representing Unique Steeds Stable

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    Despite Lorenzo cheering like crazy, despite the fact that the mare was totally clean and perfect, despite knowing Aurora had her back no matter what... Lou was scared. And she knew it made Donna nervous, which could end up in a total mess of a course. It was their first time showing outside Unique Steeds Stables. "Stop worrying and get going, Lou. Just look at you! Good look and good luck!" Lorenzo, the groom, pushed her off her thoughts.
    alt text
    First fence, the girl's heart pounded just like a race horse. Clear. First fence clear! Her face showed a smile and she let go of the breath she was holding. The course went all perfectly, maybe the spectators didn't notice her nervousness.
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    You and I, you and I, we're like diamonds in the sky
    You're a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy
    When you hold me, I'm alive
    We're like diamonds in the sky
    -Diamonds, Rihanna-

  • Aurora Bianchi and USS Kannjay, representing Unique Steeds Stable

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    "Just a short girth check, Aurora, we know how this boy gets when he jumps" The groom offered the girl a soft smile and tightened the girth. Jay, a young stallion, was known for his little bucks after each high jump. And was also an overachiever, maybe a bad combo. Aurora was calm, after all, she knew the horse like the back of her hand.
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    And there they go! The horse flew through the first fence like it was four feet tall, his rider managed to keep the style and didn't fall. "Easy, boy" She mumbled to him, and pulled the reins a bit to show she was the one in control. The way Jay jumped, it looked like he couldn't wait to level up in this discipline.
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    Baby you're a firework
    Come on let your colors burst
    Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
    You're gonna leave 'em fallin' down down down
    -Firework, Katy Perry-

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    "Next in our crossrail division, number 31547 TBS Yarrmanna Show and.. uh.. Markus Mole-in? Representing English Yew Equine Centre." Boomed the announcer as I lost all hope of ever hearing my name being pronounced properly at a show.
    alt text
    I was antsy. Not nervous, antsy. I had a weird little itch in the very pit of my stomach as I trotted Yarrmanna into the grass ring. Not nervous. I truly wasn't, I was on a smart warmblood mare going over tiny crossrails that were more like ground poles to the big warmblood-- albeit, she didn't look big at all with me. There was nothing to be worried about, but there was something tapping me on the shoulder in the back of my mind while I started her to the first crossrail. I barely had to go into jumping position as Yarrmanna landed into the canter.
    I found that my attention wasn't quite all in place while I turned her to a small combination as an easy moving canter, my legs on tight. My expression tightened as I tried to figure out what exactly what kept nagging me. We continued through the combination, the sent of mud, petrichor, and fresh horse shit filling my nose as a cold breeze hit us.
    alt text
    I huffed and furrowed my brows, giving Yarrmanna a good boot to switch her lead, switching onto her hind-end with a big leap back onto her forehand. A friendly reminder of how uncomfortable hunter riding was for someone like me who rides on the hind-end. There was still something in me making my stomach churn.
    I thought back to the early morning following the show. I'd rolled out of bed at the crack of dawn, woke up my husband, had a rushed breakfast before going to wake up another rider to get ready for the show. Maybe I had forgotten something? I pondered. Maybe I forgot to do one of the stable chores? I theorised. I swore everything was done. I began to play back the whole morning, something had to happened to make me feel o anxious? It all started clustering up my head and the course was falling further into my mind as aimless worries about some sort of undiscovered problem began to charge forward in my mind's forehand.
    Yarrmanna gave a low whinny halfway through the short course, which had felt so drawn out thanks to all my worrying. I snapped back into reality and realised I was about to miss my turn. The dark bay may didn't seem to mind my sudden scrambling to get her going the right way.
    Now back in the moment, I took in a long breath of that rain and shit scented air and let all of those momentary worries subside and squeezed Yarrmanna into an easy and calm extended canter.
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    Portraying Arabian hunter pleasure

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    dumbo | thoroughbred gelding | representing sycamore stud
    green hunters | listening

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    "I can't believe you're wearing my show coat!" Savannah hissed at her half-sister, Ginny.
    "Well, it looks better on me anyways." Ginny shot back, with an eye roll, as Savannah donned Ginny's navy coat. The two sisters spent a good portion of their time arguing over borrowed clothing, but they shared a passion for the equestrian lifestyle. And when it really mattered, they had each other's backs. Like when Savannah was on course with Dumbo, the notoriously slow thoroughbred. As she turned off the rail to approach the bush jump, Savannah heard Ginny clucking at Dumbo from the sidelines before he could get too lazy and slow.

    SY Elephant, Savannah West and Sycamore Stud belong to @Clementine-Laake

  • Seashore
    Click me!

    Shore up, shore down…
    Or something.

    The Leo in Adeline insisted her mare would compete in show hunting, despite—

    “Every hunter judge in the world will be offended.”
    “The judges will DQ her for looking like pink lemonade."
    "She won’t fit in with all the bays and chestnuts."


    Remarks about the mare’s strawberry roan overo coat echoed wherever she set hoof. Her overo, a wrapping of peeled paint, obscured a roan turtleneck and the rose-gold glaze that hid beneath it. Curious, glittering eyes and lanky Thoroughbred legs that tangled in themselves were the cherry on top. Heart-stealing aside (or were those lovestruck gazes offended glares?), the pair struggled in the ring. Adeline saw past that, though. She’d shore herself up for her pride’s sake, the way Leos do, and promise to place “next time.”

    Milkshake, the mare, belonged in a Barbie movie. She radiated sweetness and sparkles, and in some outlandish fantasy she saved the world with the power of love. In this life, though, she was still at sea.

    Adeline’s indifference to losing and Milkshake’s nonexistent rosette collection proved that they were at shoring up’s end. If not for sentimentality’s sake, Adeline needed a final hunter show to dispel whatever glimmer of hope she still saw in Milkshake’s hunting career.

    shore's end


    Palm shadows zig-zagged through the other horses’ coats and turned them into zebras. God knows what it turned Milkshake. The judges were verily offended.

    Pretty pink lemonade skies whipped the ever-pinker Milkshake into a tomato smoothie (ketchup?). The judges wanted to DQ her for it.

    Milkshake absolutely did not fit in with the bays and chestnuts.

    Shores don’t end with footprint-pocked sand, freckled with sea glass and seashells. They end with an awkward strawberry roan overo Thoroughbred mare named Milkshake.

  • title
    ʀᴏsᴇ ɢʀᴇʏsᴏɴ & ʟɪɢᴇɪᴀ s | 𝕘𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕟
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    Rose was never a big fan of horse shows despite her being competitive. She despised.. well pretty much everything. It's not like Rose couldn't handle it, in fact she's super happy and never regrets going to a show. She just thinks it was too much effort for too little of a reward.. a measly ribbon and your name called out as being first? Super boring. Sure the satisfactory felling when your horse places in a class— or even gets first —will never get old, but for Rose it was only a temporary feeling with no 'real' value that changes her as a rider.
    As much as Rose hated being judged and the entire cliques and stigmas around the disciplines, she loved showing Hunters and Equitation, it all came so natural to her.

  • Development Committee

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    The wind blew hard enough for the trees to let our a cooing whistle as the leaves rustled. Anxiety and nervous thoughts filled the air, heart racing a million miles a minute. Hands shaking ever so quickly whilst your pulse rate rose. Leaning into each turn and flowing with the movement of the horse, became easier and easier over each fence. You held your breath longer than needed approaching your last obstacle, gripping your reins ever so fiercely and jamming your heels down, tensing up your legs. You blinked which felt like it lasted forever, when upon opening you couldnt change anything now. One, two, three.....clear.
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    Z Salem || Arabian Stallion || Green (5) || Edited

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    || Profile || Pre-green || International Sporthorse mare ||
    || Night Dance ||
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  • Pan Snorted as the entered into the arena, his ears Flicking around alot, Lexi tapped him a bit on the neck, trying to gain back his attention," Come on babe, we got this, just like at home", she said with a Bit of a Giggle and a reassuring pat, as she slowly entered into the Arena. this was pans first show, they had been practicing heaps at home, but to enter a Show for the first time this was a Different story.
    ~Lexi House & Midnight Prancer RHV Entered into Crossrail~
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  • Competition Committee

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    Proudly Presents
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    Irish Sport Horse| Mare| Level Baby Green Unedited

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    It was the end of summer, and it was starting to get cooler out. I had been pestering my niece to get into the hunter ring for several months now after watching her school some of the horses while their riders were on breaks or vacations. It was an ongoing argument until I told her to load Divinity into the trailer and to come on. She gave me a look and I just rolled my eyes, I wouldn't tell her. She figured she was going to school Diva at a friend of mines house. What she didn't know was..we were headed to a Hunter Show down by the coast. We pulled into the parking lot and I saw the angry face pop across Kylee's. She went to argue but I cut her off with a wave of the hand. "Get out and get your horse and yourself ready. You're entering the show today."

    As Kylee stomped off she yelled "Thanks Dallas, you're a real great aunt not letting me be mentally prepped for this!!" I laughed and went to go get her registration completed and a number. When I got back to the trailer she was talking and babying Diva who was enjoying all the special attention and the excitement "You two will do great, you've been riding her all over the place and training her for months." I saw her smile and nod but she kept her focus on the big mare until it was their turn to enter the arena. I walked to one side to watch and get pictures, she flew over the jumps and kept a smile on her face the entire time. Diva was graceful and perfect as she was went over every jump without a hitch. As they went over the last jump I finally managed to catch the perfect photo of the duo and was sure this was the start of Kylee's love for competition and not just schooling and training the horses at the stable.

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    THE Moral Showbusiness || International Sporthorse Stallion || Performance (7) || Unedited

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    alt text

    |Chaotic World U|Rin Hyon|High Preformance|Unedited|

    "It's the middle of June and we're melting!"
    "Whose bright idea was it to go to a show outside instead of an indoor arena!?"
    "Stop complaining after your run just take your jacket off and make sure you drink water and Disharmony get's water with electrolytes in it! She's nearly a dinosaur!"
    Disharmony(Chaotic World) snorts and stomps her back off 'How rude!'

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    |Simply Elegant U|Cecilia Cherny|High Performance|Unedited|

  • WEC Orabelle with rider Helene Lund, representing LMEC, in Handy (9) level, unedited class

    alt text

  • Chloe sat quietly in her saddle, the young mare under her swatting at flies that were not there, Chloe had made sure of that, nearly soaking the mare in fly spray and show sheen. She reached down and patted her neck, rubbing gently along the hunter plaited mane.
    Chloe had shown many, many hunter classes in her career, but not normally on young horses, or in a new area, filled with new faces and unknown competition. She was nervous, and glad Nireguare wasn't picking up on it, or at least if she was, she wasn't showing it, she yawned, rolling her snaffle bit around with her tongue before snapping her mouth closed again.

    "Number 0921, Chloe West & RDEC Nireguare, please enter the ring, Thank you to rider 0167, Good luck in your placement".

    Chloe gathered her reins and squeezed the mare into a lovely, collected trot, did a small serpentine pattern before nodding to the judges and moving into a canter, circling around to her right to clear the first cross rail, Nici giving a flick of her tail over every jump, ears pricked forward, excited to be there. That made Chloe smail, there was nothing better than riding a horse who loved their job.

    Back around to the left, strait, back right and over the final jump, they went over the rail with no faults to their knowledge and exited the ring, a smile on Chloe's face, and a small prance in Nici's step. A small pat, Nici reached back to nip at Chloe's boot & shove her muzzle into Chloe's palm. "What an incredible filly you are" she whispered.

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  • Administrators

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    | Ridden by Ellory Clarke | Handy Class |

    You... Made me feel I was at home.

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    Skies are blue...

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    I lost this feeling in my bones.

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