[CHATTER] Shore's End Show Hunter Trials - 1st Circuit - Pony & Horse

  • Questions and comments may be asked/made here, or you can tap me on Slack.

  • I am so excited to enter this new way of showing! But first, I have a question: do I have to post my entry as a reply to the thread AND fill the form?

  • @Aurora-Bianchi
    Yes - you must create a reply to the appropriate thread in addition to submitting the form.

  • @Dimitri-Dane thanks!

  • Hunters of all types are permitted, including US-style hunters and European, as well as breed-specific styles.

    Does this also apply to the horse division? I can only find it written on the pony division. :heart_eyes_cat:

  • @Tasha-White
    Yes! It applies to both divisions - thank you for the heads up. :)

  • Yay!! :sparkling_heart:

    alt text

  • Not to be a total pain, but when I submitted my entry, it said submitted, but the sheet doesn't show it. I just wanted to like give you a heads up because I'll resubmit it but I am kinda worried it'll duplicate or something?

    edit: resubmitted, and it isn't showing on the sheet ;_; I will hold off from sending it a third time?

  • @Maggie-York

    The actual raw sheet was just hidden. ;)

    It's viewable now, however, and I removed one of your duplicates.

  • @Dimitri-Dane

    Thank you so much!! I super appreciate you

  • Administrators

    Butting in to say expect some sheet weirdness with this show(s) - we're in the early days of running these shows on new docs and there will likely be some bumps and bugs. Have fixed the issue with the entry list. Big thank you to Dimitri for volunteering to be a guinea pig <3

  • Okay, I'm super excited for this show! when I saw it I got right to working on my entry, but it's sort of turned into a weird mix of British show hunters with American show hunter classes- needless to say I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to show hunting :see_no_evil: , but I'm super excited to see everyones (who knows what their doing, unlike little old me's) entries! Sorry, just felt the need to express my excitement haha!

  • If we're leasing a show hunter from somebody else does that count?

  • @Siri-Kane Yes, you may enter a leased show hunter; prizes will be paid out to the member actually entering the horse into the show.

  • I think the class selection dot must have sneakily snuck down when I was navigating the form and my horse has been entered in High Performance (8) instead of his intended Performance (7). :sweat_smile: Sorry I'm clumsy.

    Nope; not clumsy, just stupid. Forget this happened. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

  • Development Committee

    Accidentally sent the form entry for Eilionóra RHV twice. Sorry! :face_palm_tone2:

  • Administrators

    Regarding the Pony Division for this challenge:

    I didn't realize that the Entry sheet for the Pony division wasn't showing entry errors, so you couldn't see if your horse was entered correctly: These two ponies had errors:

    25050 Squirrel Nutkin owned by @Eowyn-Vance: Your pony was entered above his current level in Level 4 - I moved him down to Level 3 to correct the error.
    33417 OCS Toffee N Milk owned by @Eric-Sobeck: Your pony is not registered in Pony Show Hunting so he's showing as Undeclared - you will need to submit a discipline change or he will be disqualified.

  • @Puck-Cantrell
    I submitted a discipline change shortly after everything was online again and before I posted my entry for this pony. Otherwise I wouldn't have entered this pony in a different discipline.

  • :thumbsup_tone1: thanks for this! - I didn't notice, oops!

  • Thanks for hosting, we are pleased with the results. Not bad for 2 old ladies :p

  • Thanks for hosting! I totally loved being on the edge of my seat waiting to see all the pretty entries

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