[Ends 7/20]Various Horse Auction

  • Downsizing on my herd. All I hope are reasonably price...


    • Please update once or twice the first month, updates aren't required afterwards but would love to see them progress in their career.
    • Ages and career are for you to choose
    • Don't alter or change the coat or template
    • Mane and tail style can be changed just not the color(except for greys)
    • Add potato to your first bid
    • If you plan to take a hiatus or quit please send them back my way or let me know
    • If you want to resell message me first
    • Some don't have a mainsite

    Bidding for horses is listed with their ad
    Horses marked Serious Show Homes Only are near and dear to me and I would love to watch them blossom.
    Autobuy is enabled until they have their first bid
    Pay attention to the biddings please you can't miss them


    Zsuzsanna U
    Mahogany Bay Australian Warmblood Mare
    Mainsite: No
    Preferred discipline: Dressage
    alt text

    Delphie U
    Grey(Black Base) Zangersheide Mare
    Mainsite: Yes
    Preferred Discipline: Show Jumping 2 points
    alt text

    Mar'vell U
    Bay Min. Splash Irish Sporthorse Mare
    Mainsite: Yes
    Preferred Discipline: Show Hunter
    alt text

    Smilla U
    Bay British Sporthorse Mare
    Mainsite: Yes
    Preferred Discipline: Show Jumping 9 points
    alt text

    Flattering Wind U
    Flaxen Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare
    Mainsite: No
    Preferred Discipline: N/A
    alt text

    Erstwhile U
    Dark Bay Arabian Mare
    Mainsite: No
    Preferred Discipline: N/A
    alt text

    Serious Show Homes Only
    Cestmir U
    Black(Sunbleached) Tobiano Trakehner Stallion
    Mainsite: Yes
    Preferred Discipline: Show Jumping 8 points
    alt text

    Serious Show Homes Only
    Viella U
    Chestnut Selle Français Mare
    Mainsite Yes:
    Preferred Discipline: Eventing 14 points +5
    Paladin des Ifs x My Flower U
    alt text

    Horses Top Bids
    Zsuzsanna U N/A
    Delphie U Aislinn Moore $5,000
    Mar'vell U N/A
    Smilla U N/A
    Flattering Wind U Siri Kane $5,000
    Erstwhile U Sophie Finster $9,000
    Cestmir U Nadia Kilian $7,000
    Viella U N/A

  • Bump. Rules got a fix too :)

  • There are 3 I'm interested in, but I can't guarantee blog activity :/

  • Flattering Wind U - SB
    Erstwhile U - SB

    (if my potato will allow it)

  • @Rachel-Deacon If you can do the 1 update the first month then that's fine.

  • Erstwhile U 7K :)

  • @Sophie-Finster read my rules please:)

  • @Cecilia-Cherny
    7k with potato

  • Is Mar'vell U no longer for sale?

    My potato would also like to place SB on Delphie U. :)

  • Erstwhile U - 8k!

  • Erstwhile U 9 K :)

  • @Aislinn-Moore Mar'vell is under potential autobuy I'm just waiting on confirmation from the person interested in her. I'm going to deny any bids that get places on her currently.

    Smilla has been pulled from auction :)

  • Cestmir U - SB

    (i hope this counts)

  • @Nadia-Kilian potato emoji will work accepted

  • @Sophie-Finster @Siri-Kane and @Aislinn-Moore if you wish to purchase the horse now(for the bid you have placed) you can do so now :slight_smile:

  • @Cecilia-Cherny Yes, please! I can go ahead and send over the money. :)

  • @Cecilia-Cherny Yes please! :D

  • @Cecilia-Cherny Yes I would like to buy you I transfer the money immediately :)

  • @Nadia-Kilian if you wish to buy Cestmir U now let me know :) you are able to do so.

  • Tiny bump 2 horses left without bids. One has a good pedigree bonus too.

  • This post is deleted!

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