[ENDS 07/17 24 HR ALB] Abele, Skyline, and Timber Top Young Horse Sale

  • PR Committee

    Be prepared! A sale is coming!

    Horse & Marking Rules

    • Please do not: re-upload for public download, sell for real life currency, and/or re use the horse's conformation/markings as a template (except for direct offspring)
    • Please do: love the horse, take pictures if you feel like it, show them if you want.
    • Please make minor adjustments to the horse if something doesn't suit your style like adjusting detail and shine markings or increasing/decreasing weight.
    • Please do not: make major adjustments such as coat color(aside from greying out), genotype, gender(unless gelding), DoB, and size (unless you accurately record height but don't make a warmblood a pony).
    • If you would like to change the registered show name DM me first. Do not remove the prefix.
    • If the horse is not a good fit for your stable please DM me and we can try to work something out or we can pickup the horse and you will receive a full refund no questions asked.
    • Any other comments, questions, or concerns may be posted in this thread or sent as a DM to me on the forum or slack.
    • All starting bid for horses are 10k minimum bid increase is 1k. No max bid. No autobuy. Auction will be open until 07/17 11:59 EST. Any bids placed on the 17th will run into 24 HR ALB.

    Highest Bids

    Horse Member End Date
    SSH Brooklyn Erin Ward - $41,000 07/19 12:16 pm EST
    TMBR Cyrano Erin Ward - $78,000 07/19 1:23 pm EST
    SSH Dragon Stone Ronan Dhall - $40,000 SOLD
    AB Name Of The Wind Eric Sobeck - $20,000 07/19 4:08 pm EST
    SSH Padme Constantine Vale - $64,000 07/19 5:48 pm EST
    TMBR Raizel Ian Salvatore - $87,000 07/19 3:58 pm EST

    img img

    (WRNGS Black Coffee x AvA Wonderium)
    Receives +23 Eventing & +9 Dressage
    Grey (Chestnut) Hanoverian filly

    img img

    (TMS Sensitive Prince x TMBR Cythera)
    Receives +15 Dressage & +4 Eventing
    Sooty bay tobiano Trakehner colt

    img img

    (Drakkar Noir x TMBR Europa)
    Receives +24 Show Jumping
    Black Hanoverian colt

    img img

    (WPW Neziah x Fae's Laoise)
    Receives +21 Endurance ,+12 Eventing, & +2 Ridden Showing
    Black splash Arabian colt

    img img

    (SAEC Billy Flintstone x DPPR Pawn Of War)
    Receives +22 Show Jumping
    Grey (Bay overo splash) Thoroughbred filly

    img img

    (TMBR Empyrean x TMBR Rosalina)
    Receives +15 Show Jumping, +20 Eventing, & +5 Dressage
    Smoky black tobiano Trakehner filly

  • PR Committee

    going to go ahead and open this thread for bids. Bonuses will be added asap or can be calculated with Elsie's gizmo!

  • Starting bids on SSH Brooklyn and TMBR Raizel.

  • SSH Brooklyn 11k

  • SSH Brooklyn 12k

  • 12k on SSH Padme please! :heart_eyes:

  • Administrators

    Starting bid - AB Name Of The Wind

  • SB on SSH Dragonstone!

  • Gosh, i shoud not do it. 13k on SSH Brooklyn

  • 15k on SSH Brooklyn

  • SSH Padme 13k

  • 11k on TMBR Raizel

  • SB TMBR Cyrano
    12k Raizel

  • TMBR Raizel - $14.000
    SSH Dragonstone - $14.000

  • TMBR Raizel - $15.000

  • PR Committee

    Bonuses have been added!

  • TMBR Cyrano - 11k
    TMBR Raizel - 16k

  • TMBR Cyrano 12k
    TMBR Raizel 17k

  • SSH Padme 15k please :)

  • TMBR Raizel - 18k

  • TMBR Cyrano - 17k

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