Sims crashing then not paused

  • I have setted it up so the horses are with their riders in these households, so both riders and their horses are at same place so it becomes easier to take pictures and I use nraas to move horses/riders between if I want to take a pic with several riders/horses from different households 😊

  • You can also create a small household, like 5 sims and 7 horses (just like I have) and change them in CAS, if you want another horse or sim ;) I also noticed that the more often I save the game, the more it crash, so I save the game only when I build or fix something important :sweat_smile:

  • @Christina-Lindblad Aaah, that is smart, ill do that! But how do you place your other households? And were
    @Gundrun-Ward I already do that, but i only do kind of important changes then im actually in game, like setting up my backdrop for photos with the right color. decorating my stable or adding simmers. I have saved my game 31 times durring the last year, maybe a little less

  • I have them all in my save. My game is builded so these households are independent and have own house, own barn, pasture etc, I don't have an big equestrian center like many here have since I uses to actually play with my sims in periods, let them travel, study etc so it's a lot easier for me to have this system ^^

  • @Christina-Lindblad Aah, i get that.

    I got a new problem... or... id didnt worked. I have been trying to reduce my horses (Actually producing, but then splitting them up to 2, maybe 4 saves) But it seems like it is the save file that has a problem. i tried to reduce to about 20 horses or so, and still 12 simmers. but it had the same problem, so i was about to delete some more horses. (Im actually just killing them) But then it crashed, and it just stood there doing nothing, so i had to close it down. This happend several times in a row, and i cant figure out what the problem is.

    I would have restored my save file, but i dont have a backup file of it. what can i do??

  • @Thea-Radmer To be honest, I think it's better to make an brand new save since this one seems to be broken since it doesn't work properly atm :/ When I make new saves, I save down all my lots with household to library to keep them and then open an brand new save (go to head menu and click at start new game and select your world) and then place out these lots again.

    In my game, I have only one save there I have all my households spreaded out in different lots and use nraas when switching between households, not different saves - I have everything in one and same place, just switch household when needed.

  • @Christina-Lindblad You are right, i didnt thought about that i could save my lots! Of course. Ill just make a new save, and then also save all my horses... Gosh, it is going to be a huge process

  • @Thea-Radmer I feel your pain, but your game will thank you with working a lot better with an new save without errors ^^

  • @Christina-Lindblad I will do that asap!

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