WCIF Horse Related Clutter

  • I'm looking for objects that I can use in game that are MUST HAVES for decorating in game. ANYTHING

  • Have you looked up Around The Sims 3?

  • @Ivory-Izusa I have previously, but nothing recent.

  • PR Committee

    It's a big vague what you are after, but ATS is a great place to find little bits and pieces like food, drink, books etc that you might find in a barn or a riders hangout area. TSR also has thing useful for that, but of course for the actual horsey bits then check out the custom content area; Lance just made new horse trucks, new stall sets etc; Elin has all her amazing brushes and decor bandages...I guess it just depends what you are looking for really :slight_smile:

  • @Callixta-Rosella thank you, I wanted to keep it vague. If there's a set of utensils someone uses for decorating their horse barn because they look great, or plastic bins or glass jars. Brushes. I realized my barns were lacking of just typical barn clutter. I had what I basic, hoses, brushes, shoes, towels, wraps, sprays and ointments. I just downloaded the supplement CC I was looking for.

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