• I'm looking for people to lease my horses just for randomized shows that's all. Right now I'm like directed off Equus(lack of interest to currently work on Ashwood due to popular interest in a MMORPG I played ages ago and my hiatus due to real life issues)

    Lease would be an ES year(4 months)

    I have nothing to literally offer however if you're down to imports or free coverings we can make arrangements.
    (this excludes the recent auction I hosted for breeding with Paladin des Ifs KN)

    Horses that I'd like to lease out.
    (These are my high priority horses)
    TJS Ragnarok, Show Hunter 52 points, Field Hunter, 6 points
    PCS Bay My Hero, Show Jumping 68 points
    Paladin des Ifs KN, Eventing 159 points
    Silver's Smitten with Kitten, Eventing 18 points
    Aracaju da Cabana, Eventing 66 points
    d'Arcy AR, Eventing 79 points
    WDKH Arthas, Show Jumping 78 points, Halter 46 points
    RFE Incanarrov, Dressage, 0 points, Show Jumping 0 points
    Aesculapius NC, Eventing 22 points
    AWE To Neverland, Show Jumping 52 points
    AWE Delirium, Show Jumping 46 points
    AWE Spinnaker, Eventing 0 points
    Monachyle's Tilikum, Eventing 39 points, Show Jumping 15 points

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