[WANTED] Andalusian & Lusitano

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    Date Placed: July 9, 2019
    Breed Wanted: Andalusian and/or Lusitano
    Buyer: Octavia Ryland
    Email: WinStoneFarm@gmail.com
    Budget: TBD
    I am looking to add either an Andalusian, Lusitano or possibly both to my dressage team. Currently, I am working on starting a breeding program for the breeds, so the horse(s) purchased will be added to the breeding rosters when they've achieved at least two titles. Prefer not to purchase a gray, but will consider if the horse is perfect and only carries one copy of the gene. Also not looking at geldings, unless they come with a few frozen samples.

    I may be picky about coats and conformations, please do not take it personally if I pass on your horse(s). Please be sure to provide unedited images of the horse(s) you're offering! CAS and in-game images are appreciated so I know exactly what I'm getting.

  • For an Andalusian horse just have a look on my mainsite, you can choose the breeding parents that better fix for your plans and (almost) any kind of coat. If you find something interestig just ask me about and I’ll help you with.

    Also I can show you confo pics or whatever of course!

  • Hey! If you are still interested in an Andalusian horse let me know, I can provide you with some BIY, traditional breeding or a foal / adult horse.

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