[Ready] Leopard pattern & overo in CDE (Spanish Sport Horse)

  • Spanish Sport Horse (CDE) with bay leopard pattern registered in the CDE studbook in Spain. (the horse is currently for sale).


    For overo I have not found any registered horses, but I have a serious doubt about this. In the Equus registry, the crossing with Thoroughbreds (admits overo) is admitted, with Anglo-Arabian (admits overo) and any warmblood admitted in the WBFSH studbook (some warmblood admit overo as well).

    So, why I can't register a CDE that carries the overo gene? If I cross a PRE stallion with a Thoroughbred mare that carries overo, if the foal is born overo, why i can't register the foal as CDE?

    At present the CDE Studbook is very flexible with colors (basically, any horse born in Spain suitable for sport is admitted). I will continue looking for a registered CDE that carries overo, in case I need proof.

  • I follow.

    I wrote asking for information to ANCADES (the official CDE's Studbook in Spain) about the coats admitted. Finally, I got my answer. They have assured me that the color overo is currently allowed and horses with this color can be registered.

    I attach the message. Some names change in Spanish, but as you can see, the overo (name that does not change) is admitted.

    I translate the message. ;) in parentheses, the name in Spanish.

    "The breeds* admitted in the CDE's Genealogical Book are: chestnut (alazana), buckskin (bayo), white (blanco), bay (castaño), cremello, buckskin (isabelo), black (negro), overo, palomino, pearl (perla), tobiano (pio), roan (ruano), grey/dapple grey/fleabitten (tordo), bay (zaino).

    *she got confused; she meant coats.

    To be sure too, I'm going to ask if they would admit the leopard pattern.

  • @Irene-Duarte said in Leopard pattern & overo in CDE (Spanish Sport Horse):

    To be sure too, I'm going to ask if they would admit the leopard pattern.

    I have a new answer!
    According to ANCADES, there are currently horses that show appaloosa patterns registered under the "pio" pattern.
    That is, the CDE supports any type of color / pattern in the studbook.

  • I found a CDE registered in ANCADES with appaloosa pattern. Father Appy / AQH and mother CDE (warmblood / Andalusian)

    Horse (CDE)
    alt text

    Proof that is registered: genealogical letter of ANCADES.
    alt text

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