[Ready] Leopard pattern & overo in CDE (Spanish Sport Horse)

  • Spanish Sport Horse (CDE) with bay leopard pattern registered in the CDE studbook in Spain. (the horse is currently for sale).


    For overo I have not found any registered horses, but I have a serious doubt about this. In the Equus registry, the crossing with Thoroughbreds (admits overo) is admitted, with Anglo-Arabian (admits overo) and any warmblood admitted in the WBFSH studbook (some warmblood admit overo as well).

    So, why I can't register a CDE that carries the overo gene? If I cross a PRE stallion with a Thoroughbred mare that carries overo, if the foal is born overo, why i can't register the foal as CDE?

    At present the CDE Studbook is very flexible with colors (basically, any horse born in Spain suitable for sport is admitted). I will continue looking for a registered CDE that carries overo, in case I need proof.

  • I follow.

    I wrote asking for information to ANCADES (the official CDE's Studbook in Spain) about the coats admitted. Finally, I got my answer. They have assured me that the color overo is currently allowed and horses with this color can be registered.

    I attach the message. Some names change in Spanish, but as you can see, the overo (name that does not change) is admitted.

    I translate the message. ;) in parentheses, the name in Spanish.

    "The breeds* admitted in the CDE's Genealogical Book are: chestnut (alazana), buckskin (bayo), white (blanco), bay (castaño), cremello, buckskin (isabelo), black (negro), overo, palomino, pearl (perla), tobiano (pio), roan (ruano), grey/dapple grey/fleabitten (tordo), bay (zaino).

    *she got confused; she meant coats.

    To be sure too, I'm going to ask if they would admit the leopard pattern.

  • @Irene-Duarte said in Leopard pattern & overo in CDE (Spanish Sport Horse):

    To be sure too, I'm going to ask if they would admit the leopard pattern.

    I have a new answer!
    According to ANCADES, there are currently horses that show appaloosa patterns registered under the "pio" pattern.
    That is, the CDE supports any type of color / pattern in the studbook.

  • I found a CDE registered in ANCADES with appaloosa pattern. Father Appy / AQH and mother CDE (warmblood / Andalusian)

    Horse (CDE)
    alt text

    Proof that is registered: genealogical letter of ANCADES.
    alt text

  • Administrators

    Normally we don't accept the theoretical of "a registry accepts all colors" as sufficient evidence, but since 1) as you stated, the CDE Sporthorse accepts Thoroughbred outcrossing which could realisitically introduce overo into it's studbook, and 2) you took the time and effort to actually reach out to the studbook, I'm going to accept overo. And the two appaloosas are lovely. Both colors are accepted, thank you for your research :D

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