[Coming soon!] SLEC July/August auction

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    Welcome to SLEC's first ever auction!

    Here you'll be able to see various breeds, young horses and even some older horses. This is an auction that will last until 08/10-19. If there are some horses that I'd like to sell at that time, I might do an 24h auction.

    Do not copy this horse's template of coat.
    Do not turn this horse into a breeding machine - Please contact me if you're thinking about breeding the horse!
    If you want to sell the horse, please contact me as i might want to buy it back.
    Minimum bid increase is $1000.
    If you wish to get more pictures of the horse, please tell me!

    There will be more horses soon!

    Horse Bid
    SLEC Upsidedown SB
    SLEC Kashmir SB

    SB: 5K
    Breed: Belgian Warmblood
    SLEC Upside Down

    Picture soon!

    SB: 5k
    Breed: Belgian Warmblood
    SLEC Kashmir

    Picture soon!

  • Any points? :)

  • @Regina-Walker No. I haven't registered these two.

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