Bluegrass Equine Auction - CHATTER - Youngstock Auction Entries Close Aug 1

  • @Blake-Bellanaris
    Sadly, I'm not sure we'd have enough folks wanting to participate .
    Looks like 90 views and 2 upvotes. Unless there's a complete turn around today - we'll bench this idea for a while and just focus on the upcoming Youngstock Live auction. We are still VERY excited about that project and want to do everything we can to make it succeed.

    We are still looking for 1 person to assist the auction house
    and if you'd like to be listed as an agent to bid for others - you can post here or send me a note.

    Wild Horses....

  • I was participating (and I still have one MM to finish) in some Mustang Makeovers on instagram. I really don't understand what you want or need, like the others wrote too. I'm very confused.
    I am doing something with my Mustangs, but they are held private and I don't spend any EC-money on them as they are only a side project for me and they will also not be a part of here. I am interested in Mustangs, but I don't want to make loss, I think you understand what I want to say?
    Also I think the Live Auction might be a good idea, but what's with people living in different time zones? And when they don't have anybody who could place a bid for some reason?

    EDIT: What is with the people who wants to keep their mustang they had and trained? Does it still need to be auctioned off or is there any chance to keep the mustang in the end?

  • I don’t know how it could work but I would love to get a few raw horses (raffle or such), train them (posting updates in blogs, maybe a show or two) and then have them auctioned off.
    It also encourages interactions between players and you don’t have to limit yourself to a specific breed.
    During training the horse doesn’t belong to you and the winnings from the auction can be split between owner (creator), auctioneer and trainer to some percentage.

  • @Anna-Foster

    Recently I was watching a video on youtube - and basically this gentleman's job was to find and train sport horses that he turned around and sold. He had a huge operation and sold horses at a number of different levels - up to Grand Prix ($$Big Bucks) horses. He had grooms and riders for the horses he was training and moving up in the circuit until a buyer was found.

    I've changed up my game play a bit to mimic some of this ....
    I have a number of riders who's primary goal is to "level up" their horses....
    At which point (not sure when - probably around level 4/5) - those horses will be offered for sale (probably in the upcoming WORKING STOCK AUCTION - that auction will be for horses of all ages - and the "classes" will be split according to the horses level/# of titles - maybe starting bids will be $10000 per title? So a grand prix horse would sell for over $100000 - that sounds about right I think?

    I'm also thinking that as those riders level up - maybe they can be offered for sale also -

    So we have some farms that want to show and win at the upper levels - they want upper level horses, upper level riders..... (Horse and rider levels 8-10)
    We have the farms trying to get to that top level - (levels 4-8)
    We have farms that concentrate on training ( levels 1-4) - who then sell those horses depending on level to Amateur competitors (or continue with training to the higher levels (6-7) to be sold to a grand prix level farm.

  • As other members have previously stated, I'm also confused.
    For what I've understood, your goal is to make something big, an anual event on Equus even though unofficial. To make it happen, I would firstly reunite a few people/friends privately, make all of the horses you plan on selling, sort it all up, maybe talk to a few mods and ask for tips, make all rules and goals very clear for everyone to understand, and only then release such a challenge. I understand you want feedback (I've submitted it myself in your form), but as you don't have anything set up it just turns in a bunch of ideas out of place, which doesn't help us to properly understand. Even though this is an online plataform, it still takes a lot of work to make big projects such as this, so it needs to be very well planned and taken care of (which only reminds me to thank our wonderfull staff once again :heart: ).

  • Hmmm

    Well, I think that based on the feedback received we'll save the Mustang Makeover for another time.

    I had thought that we could kind of work together as a group/community to work out the details - but at this point that doesn't seem as easy as what I thought that it would be. I appreciate your input and the offers for donated horses. Perhaps we'll proceed with that idea at a later date.

    Please do keep an eye on our other AUCTION thread - the Live Bidding Auction (@ Aug 16) will proceed as planned.
    Entries for that auction are currently being accepted - details can be found on the auction thread.

    If you have questions regarding the AUGUST YOUNGSTOCK AUCTION - they can be posted here or you can send me a note.

  • Don’t give up. Every effort towards bringing the community together is worth trying.

  • alt text


    Weanlings | Yearlings | 2-3 Year Olds

    to be held approx Aug 15
    (Exact date/time to be determined when we know how many entries we have)

        • ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 1 - - -

    Details for the auction can be found on our "official thread" under AUCTIONS
    Horses to be auctioned and advertising (need not be auction related) to be included in the Auction Catalog is now being accepted via email at - Entries close Aug 1, Catalogs are due out about the 7th and Live Bidding Auction is around the 15th

    Please direct all questions and inquiries here.

  • Cancelled due to lack of interest.

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