Randomized Shows & Pedigree Bonus

  • Curious to how it effects placement? Can someone explain it to me please

  • Just sitting here quietly and listening, oka? xD

  • I've been on the forum from before the change to randomized and away from traditional and Ive never really paid attention until today and wondering how its weighted

  • Administrators

    Scores in randomized shows are rolled automatically by the show doc between 0 and 100. When horses have bonuses from riders, establishments, titles or pedigree, the score is rolled between that number and 100, with the maximum bonus being 25. So a horse who receives +1 from his rider, +2 from his own titles and +4 from his pedigree with a total of +7 is rolled between 7 and 100 for score. A horse with max bonuses is rolled between 25 and 100, so they have a 25% chance to score higher than foundations, but the foundation can still roll a 98 while the pedigreed horse rolls a 26. That way the system stays balanced so foundations can still collect points, even if the horses with bonuses have an advantage.

  • Thank you for explaining that :D I understand it now ^_^

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