Valmaxian Stud | VX ~ {14th August} Introduction

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    Introduction - 13/06/2019
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    Latest update: August 14th, 2019
    THIS IS STILL A WIP, please be patient while things look messy

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    Celestial Dancer VX Grey Skies HX LMEC Athena
    Newcomer, Show Jumping Monte (II), Show jumping Newcomer, Eventing

    A huge thanks to dear Christina Lindblad for letting me borrow her spotlight template :two_hearts:

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    Valencio VX and Jens Sørensen
    After a long day of work, Jens gets to spend time with his favourite horse; the big bold chestnut sabino stallion after LMEC Valisco, out of our own mare Tind’s Jahnità. Norwegian Warmblood of course. Valencio arrived just a little over three years ago and are one of our calmest horses despite him being a stallion. And I suspect that is why Jens, our head trainer, adores this stallion so much. I’m sure he will make him a champion. Jens has already started to call him one.
    So enjoy a picture of Jens and Valencio, doing some evening lunging for the first time with a saddle on. We are excited to see how far this young gentleman will reach; we have such high hopes for him.
    Last but not least, a huge thanks to @Christina-Lindblad for letting me borrow her Valisco as stud for this gorgeous stallion ♥ (Also @Ariadne-Waters look! Jens has finally appeared in my scrapbook after several years in my bin only! 😱 sorry to disappoint you with a picture of his back only though.. 😅 )
    PS. Don't laugh at my horrible attempt at fog or drawing the tail with just a mouse. Or the little story thing on top. I have been out of the game for way too long :face_palm: . Comments are now welcome 💕

  • Can we comment?? I love absolutely everything about this blog!!!! I can't wait to see more and your edits are so beautiful! I NEED MORE ASAP :heart_eyes:

    EDIT: I just realized the Grey was actually my baby and now I'm like very happy :sob:

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    @Elaine-Rose Yes, of course, you can! Thank you so much Elaine, you are way too sweet omg I love you :sob: :two_hearts:
    And yes!! Grey just had to be there, I love him so much. I promise I'll include him in a better update soon!!

  • I have a real favorite for Celestial Dancer VX

  • Omg! I need to follow your blog! This is absolutely amazing!

  • Jens!!! :two_hearts: Aw, it's a pleasure to see him appear. You're the only person I've made sims for; did you know that? So there's this... weird sort of reminder of ah, I did that! followed by aw, they're using my things! (especially so in Jens' case, because he may have been my favourite...) (don't tell the others!) (especially Rasmus; he'd be jealous :P )

    Side note, I like the way you've written him, being this blend of gentle and positive. Fits perfectly with what I remember of his personality. <3

    @Diana-Sæterbakken said:

    […] a picture of his back

    Haha, I was thinking this exact thing! :joy: But, you know... at least it takes no spotlight away from Valencio! I'm also loving the scenery- you always did have a way of creating the most beautiful atmospheres. This one is no exception.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Valmaxian and the adventures you plan to unfold there. :slight_smile:

  • wow!
    what an athmosphere!
    I love the whole feeling of the picture and the horse too ❤

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