Valmaxian Stud | VX ~ {17th October} Fallen Leaves

  • Omg! I need to follow your blog! This is absolutely amazing!

  • Jens!!! :two_hearts: Aw, it's a pleasure to see him appear. You're the only person I've made sims for; did you know that? So there's this... weird sort of reminder of ah, I did that! followed by aw, they're using my things! (especially so in Jens' case, because he may have been my favourite...) (don't tell the others!) (especially Rasmus; he'd be jealous :P )

    Side note, I like the way you've written him, being this blend of gentle and positive. Fits perfectly with what I remember of his personality. <3

    @Diana-Sæterbakken said:

    […] a picture of his back

    Haha, I was thinking this exact thing! :joy: But, you know... at least it takes no spotlight away from Valencio! I'm also loving the scenery- you always did have a way of creating the most beautiful atmospheres. This one is no exception.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Valmaxian and the adventures you plan to unfold there. :slight_smile:

  • wow!
    what an athmosphere!
    I love the whole feeling of the picture and the horse too ❤

  • Development Committee


    It's the last month of summer in Norway, but the fall has already started to leave its mark on the trees and grass. A little baby boy is born amongst the golden leaves, a healthy colt from impressive dressage lines. You can almost see that he has the movements needed already; he loves to dance around on his strong little legs. Mommy is always by his side; In his opinion, she is the best mommy there is. He has no idea how far he might reach one day, the little colt running around without a single concern in this world. Soon he will be shipped to Sweden, starting his new career there as a top competitor. We are very proud of him, and one day he'll understand why.

    Chandon VX and Duval's Oaklahoma

    sigh I just love autumn. It's the best time of the year! It hasn't arrived in my place yet but I am in such autumn mood, I decided to make these pictures a little more autumn looking because I just couldn't wait for it to come! The little guy is Chandon VX and is a beautiful Swedish Warmblood colt sired by Caramac AT and out of Duval's Oaklahoma. Some of the most precious horses I own. He has now moved to Sweden with @Christina-Lindblad and will start his dressage career at LMEC! He is actually the first homebred horse that we've ever sold, as he was a trade for some of Christina's lovely horses. I'm very grateful that the first one gets a five star home, I know he will be taken good care of :two_hearts:


    She is my favourite too! I really love her!

    @Elena-Winther Thank you!! I'm so happy you like it :smile:

    @Ariadne-Waters Seriously? Am I the only one?! I'm honoured. :two_hearts: They really are amazing, I could never make males like Jens, Rasmus and Per. They are so unbelievable scandinavian looking and their backstory is spot on as well! I think if I told the others that Jens was your favourite, Rasmus would be really hurt. I still have his shirtless pic and he looks yummy (and he knows it and remember you said he was your favourite back then!!) And again, I'm sorry for providing just a back picture of him :joy: but I promise more will come soon. I have a bunch planned! Thank you for the kind words, and for privileging me with Jens and the others. It really means a lot to me :sparkling_heart:

    @Maria-Jones Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Maria! I really adore your pictures and horses as well, so makes me happy to hear you like mine too :heart:

  • I don't know where to start! <3 those pics are TRULY GORGEOUS!!! you have for sure catched every single little detail there that defines how the perfect fall should be with golden colors, crispy air :heart_eyes: and you have no idea how much I want it to be like this here now in sweden too especially after this horrible thunderstorm we had just for a couple hours ago :sweat_smile:

    Then beteween all the golden leaves, grass, there is an littl piece of perfection <3 He's SO adorable and gorgeous and I'm so happy to be his owner and I can't wait to see him grow up and become the big star that we know for sure that he will be with those lineages behind him :heart_eyes: But first he'll need to settle down an we're gonna learn to know him and it will be an adventure to follow his journey can I assure you ^^ and thank you again for this gorgeous little fella <3

  • Diana... WHAT?! What is this?? Magic?? I absolutely love everything about this and your writing is so beautiful I just can't :sob: Please bless us with more pictures and stories!! This little guy is so adorable I NEED a horse from you!!!

  • PR Committee

    I've been meaning to leave a comment for so long, I just have the attention span of a toddler and always find something to distract myself with. So please excuse my appalling lateness; but also, I just need to say YEEEESSSSS!! You finally have a blog where I can admire all your pretties :heartbeat:

    Valmaxian Stud sounds amazing; I love the description of big vast lakes and thick forests for lots of trial rides too. There's just something so magical about countryside like that :kissing: I love that your focusing on Norwegian Warmbloods; I always love to see the less popular breeds get some love, and I can't wait to see more of them :heart_eyes_cat:

    So, just a quick question - the horses in the spotlight - those are up for stealing, right? Because whilst I'd love to snatch up all three, I'm hopefully admiring Celestial Dancer right now. That snip :blue_heart: and they all look so handsome against the dark background too :ok_hand:

    I absolutely loved the picture of Valencio - I adore everyday type of shots and the dreamy sunset just adds to the perfection. But there's no denying any chestnut is perfect anyway :kissing_closed_eyes:

    And little Chandon, what a darling :sparkles: I'm so ready for autumn to hit my game, although the lack of actually having any type of facilities or even any type of organization within my game usually stops me from hitting the play button. Oaklahoma looks amazing! Sadly she was missing her face marking when she visited Foxberry, otherwise your little folder would have contained endless foal pictures too <3

  • Woah HOW could I miss out on this!? First of all....You call that Spotlight Post "messy"!? :o It's the cleanest thing I ever saw :o And the horses in the portraits are just fine :sunglasses: And I already have an absolute crush on Chandon <3 Such a pretty buckskin :heart_eyes: I'll now surely keep track of your blog :blush: :D

  • I love the autumn feel in the pictures, the colors of the trees and the warm atmosphere <3 It's getting a bit chilly here as well now but the trees haven't shifted colors yet but it's probably just a matter of time now <3

  • He is truly a stunner! Christina is one lucky girl!

  • Aww Big Mac having kids of his own :cry: im a proud grandmother. Didn't know their was anything remotely 'Dressage lines' about him :laughing:

  • Um, WOW. Your album is just stunning. Valencio is a gorgeous, gorgeous horse, and somehow isn't even the most obviously gorgeous thing about that pictures, which is saying something. The composition is lovely and the lighting is just. :heart_eyes:

    And then Chandon! I adore the fall colours in those shots, but especially the colt! Christina is a lucky, lucky woman, although you're not doing so badly yourself with getting some LMEC horses out of the trade. :wink: He may be the first homebred you've sold, but I feel like you're going to get inundated with requests now . . . * coughs *

  • Oh wow, so stunning as always. Your pictures never disappoint, I love stalking your album until I feel completely inadequate with my own photo skills :heart_eyes: I’m seriously so obsessed, one of these days I’m going to snatch a horse from you and you’ll be none the wiser, you’ll see. If any of your horses disappear from the bin it definitely isn’t me stealing the gorgeous pons :hearts:

  • Not going to lie, these photos kicked started my crave for autumn. And I live in Florida, so I don't even get a little bit of it. :sob: Oaklahoma is so gorgeous, and she made a beautiful baby herself! Christina is a lucky lady!

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken said in Valmaxian Stud | VX ~ {28th August} Golden Leaves:

    remember you said he was your favourite back then!!

    Hey hey hey, that was a few years ago now; can't a lady change her tastes? :smirk: :joy: Jens is cute and nice, whereas Rasmus is just trouble. :laughing: Who has time for that??

    Silliness aside, I'm still genuinely touched to read that and ever so glad you're enjoying them. <3 And please take as many back pictures as you like: I do so enjoy them. :joy:

    This update though! I love the colours in the background. Not just that there are colours, but that they're not the typical blazing autumn you see around Equus- they're softer, subtler, with more tones of brown and gold. It feels like summer is trying so hard to stay but autumn is marching in in full force. I love that. I think you've picked the perfect background to complement Chandon's buckskin, too. <3

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    Although I love oceans, deserts and other wild landscapes, it is only mountains that beckon me with the sort of painful magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty. They keep me continuously wanting to know more, feel more, see more. To become more. My heart belongs to the mountains.

    alt text

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    alt text

    ...Happy late birthday, Christina!

    It's almost a month ago since I've been around posting anything on the forum, but don't worry I have planned many screenshots for later! This time I want to show you something very special, a dear friend of mine @Christina-Lindblad had her birthday last week, and as she has been very kind to me the past years, I wanted to give her something in return. My choice was easy; I ended up making her an entire world. I know Christina likes the European style, so I narrowed it down to Scandinavian as it is my speciality, and I know it lies close to mine and Christina's heart. It was originally supposed to be ready on the day of her birthday but of course, I had to get sick that exact week so I'm over a week late. But here it is!! I'm super excited to finally have made such a huge gift to someone and I really feel like the sparks is coming back and I want to do more things in caw! Maybe I'll release something in the future? ;) Who knows...
    Anyway, I hope you like these screenshots as much as I do, I'd love to hear know what you think! I've spent weeks on this little gem :two_hearts:

  • Development Committee


    @Christina-Lindblad Thank you so much for the kind words, Christina. I really appreciate them, especially when it comes to you that are so talented in everything :heart: I also loved how they turned out; there's just something special about autumn :heart_eyes: And yes we had this thunderstorm too! The leaves are getting more yellow-ish now, but I can't wait for autumn to arrive for real! And I'm so happy you like Chandon, I'd love to keep him myself! :laughing: I'm so excited to see him grow with you, I know he will have the perfect home at LMEC :two_hearts:

    @Elaine-Rose Elaine!! :sob: :two_hearts: You are so kind I have no idea what to say... I promise I will get more pictures soon!! And of course, hmu whenever you want a horse and I'll make you one. Otherwise, I have a sale planned in not too long if you don't want foundations 😈

    @Callixta-Rosella No worries at all, you know how slow I can be as well! Sometimes I just completely forget replying and all :see_no_evil: Thank you for all the kind words, I really do appreciate them. And of course Norwegian warmbloods are very close to my heart, I feel so blessed that I was allowed to use some of your amazing studs for my horses to make even more of the breed! Thank you so much for that!
    The horses in the spotlight are unfortunately not for sale, it's just a place to show off my most precious horses :sparkles: Ususally it's switching between my horses that haven't got much attention yet! But I'm so happy to hear that you like Celeste, she is my favourite black I've ever made! However I do have a sale planned in not too long, so you should definitely keep an :eye: for it!
    And again, thank you so much for the kind words, it really means a lot to me! You should really hit play again, making facilities should be easy peasy for you who makes gorgeous barns. I'll never forget your perfect barn and how well built and landscaped they are. It's amazing! And you should've let me know about Oaklahoma's marking and I'd send her over! But at least she made another beautiful baby :heart:

    @Kára-Evans Thank you so much for the nice words! I really like Chandon myself! I'd definitely keep him if I hadn't already promised him away :sweat_smile: I'm happy you like my blog!

    @Therese-Lind Thank you so much, Therese! Autumn is really an amazing time of the year, I just love fresh smell after autumn rain.And when it's raining it's a good excuse to sit inside with a cup of hot cocoa, watching the trees turning in bright and amazing colours <3

    @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you so much! I hope she is happy with the little guy!

    @Eowyn-Vance Yes! His first offspring. I'm very excited about this baby :heart_eyes: Well, he is basically the only in his line with dressage as a discipline; the others compete in eventing, so basically he doesn't have a line of impressive dressage horses at all :shrug: :laughing: however, he really is an impressive horse(he comes from you, so why wouldn't he be?!), so I thought he deserved to be included in "impressive dressage lines" because his baby is from an amazing and very handsome stallion, doing well in both his disciplines, eventing as dressage <3

    @Erin-Ward Thank you so much Erin, I really love that people appreciate my blog! I've spent a lot of time on the layout and the pictures as well. And it means a lot coming from you!! I adore your horses so much and hearing that you like mines makes my heart warm :sparkling_heart: Christina for sure is a lucky one, but so am I, I did snatch up a few LMEC horses for sure :smile: And about horses from me, I hope the requests keeps coming, I'm planning a sale just so you know ;)

    @Sorren-Greyer Thank you so much for the kind words, Sorren :two_hearts: Thanks for the warning! I'll make sure to lock these horses' stalls tonight to make sure no one is missing :joy:

    @Clementine-Laake Oh no, how do you survive without autumn?! But hey, look on the bright side, its so warm and lovely where you live! Here it's just getting colder and colder during autumn.. Brr! Thank you so much for the kind words :heart:

    @Ariadne-Waters No, you can't! Rasmus will be devastated if he hears about this. :sob: (Meh, he probably won't care anyway, as you say, he is just trouble!)
    I really do enjoy them all three. I rarely play in my game these days but when I do these three guys are actually the first ones to play with. There's just something about them I really like <3 And thank you for the kind words! I do really like to be a bit less mainstream, I like to go my own way and choose my own colours, and I also love those desaturated colours that come before the autumn really hits the trees. :two_hearts:

  • Oh god i love the picture of the mountains

  • This is so beautiful Diana, and Christina sure is one lucky girl! I love how Scandinavian the world feels, and can't wait to see it put to good use!

  • You have no idea how many times I've pinched my arm today after receiving this gorgeous belated b-day gift from you <3 the world is incredible b e a u t i f u l :two_hearts: Does I even need to say that I've already moved all my households etc there? Can't truly wait until I'm opening game next time and can explore even more and find all those gorgeous gems to places to take pics at with my pixelpons <3 I can't thank you enough for this gift, I'm all over the moon <3 THANK YOU so much for this dear friend! <3 <3 <3

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