[Open] Ahlmann Farm Breeding Season 2019

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    In 2019, Ahlmann Farm starts its breeding season with its one and only stable stallion.
    You will be able to apply for breeding but beware that it will be limited.
    Our stable produces only jumping horses. If you are looking to have a foal with good potential and are looking for jumping and power, then our stallion can be made for you.

    RULES :

    • The foal will wear my prefix "AF"
    • You can enter the foal in jumping and / or power. My stallion offers bonus points in his main discipline.
    • Breeding by person and horse.
    • You can sell the horse in the future, but I would appreciate being informed before I could buy the horse first.
    • you can not change the coat, only the shine,
    • you can not change the marking, only replace it with something more like it.
    • I can provide you with a folder .sims weanling aged six month.
    • you can contact me before by mp to discuss the breeding.
    • if the stallion and titled, i can add $ 1,000 forbreeding with this stallion.
    • My stallion give +2 point in show jumping +3 bonus point with the title.
    • Restriction on other types of horses than warmblood, possibility of additional fees for other breed.


    SWEDISH WARMBLOOD | 4ys | Black | EE/aa | Foundation X Foundation | Champion Local |+ 5 pts Bonus in SJ / PUISSANCE |

    Vasco is an incredibly brave, talented stallion with an exceptional mind. However if it is voluntary it remains a stallion with a sensitive character, nevertheless, it will be able to give courage, strength, and a good back, an incredible shot of free jump, recently titled local champion, Vasco has not yet of colt, my it's progeny promise a great success in show jumping and in power.

    Stud Fee: $1,000 | 3/5 Slots Available


    • The foal must wear my prefix AF
    • send me by mp a conformation photo of your mare so that I can at best have a realistic foal.


    Your name :
    ID of your mare :
    Name of your mare :
    Breed of your mare :
    Plan for the foal :
    Name of the foal :


    D├ęcember 2018

    • No Name Bay filly
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