Looking for Leases

  • Hello everyone!

    I just recently started the game and don't have everything completely together as of right now. I'm waiting until I finish building everything to start making my own custom horses, so I was wanting to do some leasing in the meantime!

    Although Halcyon Hills has a main focus in the racing industry with competent staff already on site, we are currently accepting breeds and disciplines from all over so as to provide the best opportunities for the equine community here. We have quite a few connections that will allow us to recruit some amazing riders and trainers in order to provide your horse with the best possible career outlook.

    If you are strapped for time but would like to have your wonderful horses out in the ring, please let us know here!

    Thank you!

  • You can surely lease horses from me. I have quite a few though, but most are already registered. You can find my Website here! :D

  • @Regina-Walker Would any of these three be available to lease?

    I'd also be interested in these so that we could get started in other disciplines if they're available. :)

    By the way, your website is gorgeous! How long did it take you to get it to that point?

  • You can borrow the two first (Agent Eighty Six and Taylor's Girl) of course. I would like to keep the others though. Send me a PM on slack, and we can figure it out :)

    Thank you very much! I don't really know. I wasn't watching the clock when I made it, lol xD

  • @Regina-Walker Awesome, thank you! I'm actually not on Slack just yet as I haven't received an invitation - Would you like for me to PM you on here instead?

  • Hey there!

    Anything specific you'd like to lease, any preferences over levels, discipline etc? And would it be a loan with just the profile only or would you be putting them in game for pictures?

    I'm always happy to loan out horses to anyone who's interested in trying new disciplines, though..almost all of mine are eventers :laughing:

  • @Aislinn-Moore PM is just fine too :)

  • @Eowyn-Vance I'm honestly not picky at all! It would be fun to get into some different disciplines at various levels, so I'm willing on taking on just about anything! In real life, I'm involved with an eventing barn, so it would make a nice little side gig to the main barn , haha! I would prefer to have the horses in-game so I can take pictures of them for my blog and try out some of those combined shows as well (Though I don't mind if it just the profile). :)

  • Hello! I have a lot of horses in various disciplines you're welcome to lease for a while!

  • @Rachel-Deacon That would be great! :)

  • I have a few western horses that could use some loving! If you're up for some stocks, you can PM me :)

  • All of my horses are available for lease right now. They’re mostly in the western disciplines or show jumping, eventing, or dressage, but I also have horses in smaller disciplines as well

  • @Cristyne-Westwood I will definitely have a look in a little bit when I get back on the computer :)

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