Organizing CC?

  • I was wondering how everyone kept their custom content organized in the best way possible? It's starting to get a little overwhelming when I see how much there is to download and how the file names don't always give a good idea as to what the item actually is.

    I've heard of CC Magic, so I was wondering if that was something that people would recommend to use?

    Thank you!

  • Organizing mods and downloads can be tricky. I opt for sims3pack when its offered.

    My packages folders look like this:

    • Christmas
    • Floors
    • Cars
    • Hazelwood House
    • ArenaCC
    • Horse Making
      • Hair
      • Markings
        • Brands
        • Custom
        • Made by me
      • Tack
    • Kale House
    • Patterns
    • Plants
    • Farmhouse
    • Sliders
    • Poses
    • Building
      • Fences
    • Horse Objects
    • Sims
      • Brows
      • Clothes
      • Eyes
      • Freckles
      • Hair
      • Individuals
        • Avery
        • Derek
        • Dmitri
      • Makeup
      • Shoes
      • Skins
    • Objects
    • OutdoorCC
    • Testing

    I could go into more sub folders by separating the tack, markings, and other stuff. This works for me. I use the testing folder to hold the newly added, not tested mods. Then once I run my game successfully, I move the mods to their designated folder. The packages I allow to "roam free" in the packages folder is game editors, (pose player, Nraas, Herd editor, genetic editor, OMSP, No CAS, and Stallion junk.)

    CC Magic, I used to use it, but it gave me more problems than benefit. But many people use it. One thing I learned it to make sure you don't put patterns in it.

  • @Veola-Loveless Thank you!

  • Remember pictures with the same name as the package file! :D

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