[WANTED] Coat updates

  • I'll pay a reasonable price, set by whoever offers their help, for help revising my horses' current coats.
    Looking for somebody who can provide me with examples of quality coats that they've made!

    I have 8 horses I'd like upgraded, all of my own creation/one with allowance to add details to. I don't care if someone wants to do one of their choosing, all eight, or anywhere in-between.
    I'd send their .sim files to you, and what I'm looking for is no change of white markings or any of that, just enhancement of their base color and even their eyes. i.e adding faint dapples, giving them the HD details and enhancements every sim horse deserves, etc., it really is up to you to make them look even more dapper!

    PM for details and to provide offers & examples of your coat work!

  • Breed Committee

    Hi - I have a service thread for updating horses! Completing orders is a little slow right now due to sickness but you are more than welcome to apply still :smile:
    Edit: prices are totally flexible too, I need to update my thread in that respect

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