Westwood Estate Imports and markings | OPEN

  • Im now officially opening this service.
    I will be able to create custom horses and custom markings at the moment. (Poses next, just need to figure them out)

    < Rules >

    • Dont sell the horse/marking without contacting me first. maybe i want it back
    • Dont upload to anyone. or share the file.
    • Please register the horse as soon as possible for you.
    • Keep the horse active in any kind of way.
    • Please do give me credit and use my creator id: 10001 then registrating the horse
    • Dont make major changes on a horse. do only change hight (If neccesary) mane and tail style, and minor changes in shine and shades.
    • First to the mill style. I will create the horses/markings in the order they wass applied for.
    • Dont missuse the horse, i would like to see it active in shows as often as possible, and at least a photo every real life year (Just to know that the horse is still there :) )

    < Prices on imports >

    Blind import - 5k
    Application: Just tell me what breed you want)

    One eyed import 7k
    Application: Tell me breed, gender and if you want a special color/gene

    Custom import - 10k
    Application: Tell me everything you can about the horse you want me to make. Feel free to ad photos, BUT i may not be able to copy them completly xD

    NOTE! This is prices without custom markings. If you want custom markings, it will be half the price of the marking itself. (see prices on markings)

    < Prices on markings >

    Face and leg markings - 3k
    Small fullbody markings - 6k
    Medium sized fullbody markings - 10k
    Large and advanced fullbody markings 15k

    < Examples of my work >

    Will come

    If you have any questions about prices or anything else, please text me here, or on facebook

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