Word for my prebuilded estate

  • Since my current save is apparently corupted at some point, I was about to make a new save in the same world. But it seems like i have deleted it, and now i cant find it. So i need to look for a new world.
    What im looking for in a world is:

    Landscapes, like some fields, and maybe forest area
    Space for my 6 64x64 lot estate.
    Not a huge world, as I want it to load as fast as possible (15 minutes is a okay loading time)

    Photo of my estate is here, i want it to fit in perfectly and not look like it is builded in one world and used in another... alt text

  • So my game would lag so bad on my laptop, so I am now using Carmen's smallest world. It's called Cottonville, it's found at the bottom of the page. However, she does have many noteworthy worlds too.

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