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    EYEC North Star: “Holly”
    “Good morning sweet girl,” I smiled at the large Clydesdale x Thoroughbred cross who looked over at me from inside her stall. She was munching on some hay and quickly went back to it after seeing that it was just me who was walking by her carrying some buckets of grain. I brought in some more hay from the storage room, and continued giving breakfast to everyone. I had brought in everyone in last night because of the muggy weather. I heard the gentle hum of the fans that were mounted in the stalls as I continued to do my chores for the morning. I popped into BOSS Not A Fairytale also known as Flint’s stall to check on his feet. He had chipped his front right hoof on some rocks in the pasture. It was a decent sized chip that was pretty long. I wouldn’t be riding him until it had grown back out. I gave the gelding a pat before walking back out and heading into the tack room to clean since I had to wait for Holly to finish her breakfast. I was going to take her into the small dressage arena to practice some more. She has continued to improve greatly every week. I now could ride her four times a week for 30 minutes without her getting too tired. 1 ride a week is with my local trainer who has helped me work on her body a lot. Every ride she is becoming more and more responsive to leg aids. Thanks to some helpful tips from my trainer, she doesn’t stick her head out as much. Holly has also been fitted for her own bit which is still an eggbutt snaffle.

    After each horse got done with their breakfast, I took them out to their pastures. The four mares had a 33-acre pasture right behind the barn.
    I left Holly in the barn, as I was going to be ridding her. Next the chestnut Arabian stallion had a smaller 2-acre pasture away from the mares. Lastly Flint had his own pasture by himself. It was half an acre with some hay thrown in directly behind the barn. His horse aggression has only gotten worse with time. He is lunging at other horses if he sees them. He has nearly taken a chunk out of my arm trying to get at the stallion I have. Honestly, I’m at my wits end about him. I shook my head and told myself to focus on Holly. The mare nickered at me as I walked into the barn. I slipped the halter over her head and placed her on the cross-ties. She was a dream on the cross-ties and stood there quietly. I brushed her out and tacked her up quickly. It didn’t take long for me to slip the bridle over her head. Leading the mare to the mounting block that I had to buy online. My other mounting block was too short for me to get on her so I had to buy a custom one. Short people problems were a struggle. I warmed her up before my trainer arrived for the lesson. She came once a week and started the lesson the minute she arrived. She kept telling me to harden my hands which is a thing I struggle with. I have also had light hands for as long as I could remember. Then lesson ended on a positive note and I bid her goodbye. I couldn’t harden my hands, but my horses seem to respond to the lightness. I mulled it over as I cooled off Holly and placed her back out with her friends. I was hoping with more practice she will be ready to show soon.

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    BOSS Not A Fairytale aka Flint
    "FLINT!" I cursed out at the gelding. He tried to lunge out again at Billy (Holmgard's Bice) who was resting in his stall. I yanked the chained that was wrapped around his nose clipped on the other side and had to drag the gelding outside. "I'm getting you another halter." I signed out growing more helpless. I tried seperating him from other horses, googling the problem, getting help from local trainers, and much more. I placed Flint into the single paddock and locked the gate up. Hontestly I'm going to have to replace the fence and gate soon. I watched Flint buck and rear around for awhile. I signed pushing myself off of the gate walking back towards the stable. I was going to do some more research tonight.

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    Holmgard's Bice aka Billy
    Today I worked with Billy undersaddle. I mostly worked with him in the roundpen since my arenas were still underwater. It had rained a good deal this week leaving the grass greener than ever. Normally in the summer it rarely rained. However this summer it was raining ever other week. I wasn't complaining as normally it was so dry that the grass barely grew. I walked Billy around the arena warming him up before asking for a trot. I was mostly just working on his top line and gaining more muscle. I was hoping to be showing him in show jumping and endurance by the following year. "Good boy!" I prasied Billy giving him a pat when he reached for contact. I was going to add him to the rotation of horses I take lessons on.

  • Gorgeous chetnut :heart_eyes:

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Thank you! He was breed by @Jasmine-Wilkinson if you would like to check her out! :D

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    MBEC Don't Know How To aka Momma

    To think that Momma was a wild mustang from a roundup a few months ago is insane. Looking at her now makes me so proud of how far she has come. I had saddled her up early in the morning and headed off on a trail ride to clear my head. I rode bridless with great results from Momma. She responded super well to it. In the next couple of weeks I'm going to start more mountain trail riding with her. I'm hoping there will be a show soon to enter her in. I'm excited for her first show.

  • Your horses look very nice! I love the little stories you give with your photos :)

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    OCS What A Good Deal aka Dealer

    I like to welcome my new stallion OCS What A Good Deal or better known as Dealer. This boy was previously trained in english however I will be retraining him to western! I have already started riding him and getting him used to the western saddle. I trained riding him bitless before switching him to a bit because of his behavior.

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    TJS Frozen Wasteland aka Tank
    This gelding arrived the same time as Titan and will be showing in show jumping and eventing. I'm super excited to start cross country training with him. Titan and him will be in pastures for awhile to settle in.

    GF Realm Of Broken Kings aka Titan
    This boy arrived this morning at the stables. He will be my dressage horse and also to compete in show jumping. I thought about doing eventing with him but he isn't the best cross-country horse.

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    MBEC Don't Know How To aka Momma

    Here is a photo from our recent trail show. We did really well and placed 1st! I'm so proud of this girl at her first show. She has come so far and nothing makes me more proud.

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    Holmgard's Bice

    Billy during some show jumping training after his show. I'm glad to say that this little stallion took first place in his class! I was super nervous during the show and I thought I would get some faults. However it was a clear round and I couldn't be more proud. We also finished an endurance show a few days ago. He was super great even though we did not place. I was glad that we finished out the trail with no issues. I'm hoping to keep up with his endurance training and keep at it.

  • What a nice landscape, I'm amazed!

  • Congrats on first place, Billy! The mix of the navy and is orange coat is lovely

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Thank you this world is called Trails I believe. However I don't remember who made it.

    @Wilder-M-Bernardi Thank you so much! I really like the combo together glad to see others like it too!

  • Wow! :star2: congrat Brice! He is such a stunner and also seems to be so talented :D :thumbsup:

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    DBR Not A Fairytale aka Flint

    To say that our first reining show was a wreak would be an understatement. Flint couldn't get focused and refused to give a proper spin. He bucked and bolted nearly the whole show. He also refuses to stop lunging at any horse that got too close. My face was hot with embrassment for nearly the entire day. After we had gotten home from the show, I tacked him up and ran his butt into the ground. I was so angry at Flint for his behavior. I had set up some poles in a square and kept Flint spinning around and around. I made him do spins and sliding stops over and over again until he was dripping in sweat. I was not playing around anymore with him. His behavior had to stop and had to stop now. I'm going to search around for a private trainer for his horse lunging problem. This stops now because I refuse to have Flint be a danger to other horses.

  • I love all the updates of Flint! Too bad he has agression issues, maybe trying a small pasture mate like a sheep or goat?

    Could you please use my new prefix, DBR? BOSS has been "demolished".

  • @Chloe-West Sadly we don't use small animals like sheep or goats. Still looking for someone to help with his agression issues.

    Oh sure! I didn't know that your prefix changed. If it changes again could you let me know? I'll try and have it updated. Do you still want me to use the BOS brand or do you have a new brand you rather me use?

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    TJS In The Hills Of The Damned aka Mystery

    "No.....No......NOPE!" I panicked as the mare threw herself over a small log jump in more of a bunny hop fashion. "Why in the peanut butter snickers is she like this?" I mumbled to myself as I cantered her back around. I have been working on Mystrey's weird jump style for a few days. She would never be a hunter that is for sure. She had an....... all her own kind of jumping style. She loved to throw herself over jumps in a weird way. Honestly part of me wishes I trained her more in dressage. However since she is an eventing horse she is trained in all three. Jumping anything seem to be her favorite. She loves both show jumping and cross country which was fine by me. However I wished she didn't throw herself over jumps. "I SWEAR TO PEANUTS WOMAN!" I harshly whispered at her as we came up to the jump again. I gave her a half halt before the jump and she actually calmly jumped it. I threw my hands up in victory and patted both sides of her neck. "Good girl!" I smiled as I took her around a few more times. I was going to get this down.

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