Meet AR Lost In Your Eyes!

  • TJS Frozen Wasteland aka Tank

    Locally there is a show arena where they put on mock shows. The mock shows start on Friday and run until Sunday. You can board the horses all weekend for them to get experience being in new areas. These mock shows are to test a horse’s reaction to loud noise among busy areas. No dress code since the event is support to be relaxed and fundraisers even come and try to raise money for their causes. It is super great for young horses or riders that haven’t gone to a show before. I decided to take Tank and Mystery to the mock show for experience on both horses. The shows are made up into different “classes” unlike a normal show. The classes are divided by level and gender of the horse. I’m not sure why they set it up this way but it allows me to ride both Tank and Mystery in separate classes. Tank’s class is on Friday while Mystery’s class is on Saturday. This picture was taken in the warm up arena as I got him used to being around so many horses at once. He did great in his class as well. We didn’t place but it was still fun to have Tank exposed to what a show would be like.


  • TJS In The Hills Of The Damned aka Mystery

    Mystery’s class was on Saturday morning. It was an adult only class for mares. It ended up being pretty cloudy but very hot. It was 89 degrees at 9am which was brutal. I ended up wearing a crop tank to battle the heat so early in the morning. I was glad for the no dress code for this mock show.

    We entered the arena and circled around. I had her going at a smooth canter while holding my breathe. Sometimes I get lost in the thrill of the timer. I put pressure in my heels and we were off. First jump was a breeze then turning to the second jump was a little more nerve wreaking but we cleared. A huge back circle to the next jump which was a breeze. Next was a three jump bounce combo which was perfect. Sending a small thanks to myself for practicing these with Mystery previously. The rest of the jumps were a blur as I tried to remember the course from the top of my head. Luckily each jump was numbered so I could check that I was on the correct jump. I let out my breathe after we finished the last jump. As we exited the arena, I reached down and gave her neck a pat. “Good job girl.” I smiled.


  • GF Realm of Broken Kings AKA Titian

    Titian also got his first ride since being here. This boy is trained in dressage and show jumping. He almost made the cut for eventing expect he is not a brave horse. We are talking about a horse that will bold at the sight of himself in the mirror. I haven’t jumped him much but he does great in dressage. The one thing that I like about this stallion is his temperament. Titian has what I like to call the “grandpa” personality where he likes food and taking naps. He doesn’t seem too keen on mares. He rather eat the entire hale bay himself. Honestly I’m surprised he isn’t overweight weighing 3,000 pounds. Today I just practiced simple moves with him to get him moving. Titian is super easy to get on the bit. I barely had to ask before he was on the bit and had his legs underneath himself. I won’t be surprised if he quickly builds up his top line in months. I had decided to build muscle on him before starting to jump him again. I also hope to build up his confidence a little more since he is so nervous. We do have some shows coming up soon. I will be riding him more getting enough practice in to hopefully do well in our shows.

    0_1567812230785_khehlemhlerh (2).jpg

  • What a cute face marking, so exotic

  • Holmgard’s Bice aka Billy

    Billy has been doing really well in the show jumping world, so I decided today we would do poles. I like to give these guys easy days after shows. To keep up building their top lines and muscles without pushing them over the edge. I try to keep all my horses in shape as best as I can. Since it’s just me working here I have to do all the chores plus ride everyone. I try and balance this out by rotating on who I ride taking Sundays off unless it’s a show day. I also try and keep rides no longer than 45 minutes each. Honestly it would be nice for some help but honestly I can’t afford it. I am going to take Billy for an endurance ride soon. I need to get Billy more fit for those rides. They are quite brutal on the body to be honest. After I go on one of those rides, I’m out for a few days. Probably should work on my fitness as well but I simply do not have the time. I ride Billy for a few more minutes with some simple pole work before cooling him off. He did really well today and I’m proud of him. I have to put Billy back and get horse stalls clean. What fun.

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  • EYEC North Star aka Holly

    After our first crazy ride bride less and stirrupless, I decided a tone back was needed. We headed back to the arena Holly and I and did some; walk-trot, trot-canter, canter-trot, trot-walk, walk-canter, canter-walk transitions. I also had her practice these transitions in straight lines, figure eights, and going in different sized circles. Her response to transitions isn’t always the best but I’m going to do more lessons like this with her to hopefully improve that. I also have been thinning out her mane and little bit while keeping her forelock thick. I will keep on top of her mane so it doesn’t get too unruly. Her feathers also get trimmed and thinned out to prevent her from getting large feathers. Holly would get her feather black from mud if I let her. I’m also thinking about cutting her tail into a Clydesdale bob. I use fly spray on her anyways and she keeps getting her tail stuck in fences and trees. There is a huge chuck if it missing on one side because she took it off while in the pasture. I don’t know how she did it but it’s making me lean more towards bobbing it right after the tail bone. She doesn’t rub her mane thankfully just her tail. I wish she would stop tearing it up.

    0_1567957484754_updatesthngrignroeg (11).jpg

  • OCS What a Good Deal aka Dealer

    After retraining Dealer what it is like to be ridden, I picked reining and cutting as his disciplines. I had bought a new rig to act like a calf. It hooks up to the fence and can random pull a plastic “calf” back and forth. I have been using it to train Dealer how to cut. Dealer picked up on it really fast and now he is almost a pro at it. He is also doing really well at reining. He picked up on that fast as well. He is a grand stallion in my opinion. He is still testy around mares but the minute he is alone he focuses on his job. He gets better and better at both cutting and reining. I’m excited to see how far he goes. He didn’t place in either of his first shows but I think with some more practice we could get there. I also have been taking him out for trail rides. He is still a little nervous on the trail, but I think if I keep up with it he will be a great trail horse as well. I have also been introducing loud noises to desensitize him. I use mostly tarps and other objects to make a lot of noise. It’s a work in progress but I think he will get there.

    0_1568041160091_updatesthngrignroeg (6).jpg

  • DBR Not A Fairytale aka Flint
    I had accidently discovered Flint’s love for barrel racing. Honestly I had left barrels up when I was doing some training with Red. Forgetting about them I rode Flint in to practice some reining when he bolted straight for the barrels. To say that I was spooked would be an understatement because I thought he was going to crash head first into that barrel. However he turned right around it when I asked in a panic. I did not think he would get it but thankfully he did. Thinking about it now I’m not sure why I did not just turn him away from it. Muscle memory, I guess? That incident began his training towards running barrels. Flint has gotten really good at turning those barrels close. A little too close for comfort to be honest with you. I still practice reining with him and it prevents him from getting too hot.

    In other news, he is still horse aggressive. I emailed some trainers around the country to try and get a solution. I have gotten some solution ideas from a few trainers. One trainer recommended that Flint has a jealous issue and that’s why he lunges at other horses. He “claimed” me as his person and doesn’t want other horses near me. I’m going to head with that idea and search for an idea to solve his jealousy problem.

    0_1568158943706_updatesthngrignroeg (1).jpg

  • TJS in The Hills of The Damned aka Mystery

    It was an abnormally cool day since it’s heading into the fall months at 80 degrees. Texas doesn’t get really much cooler than 50… Anyways I took Mystery out and practice some bounces. She still will randomly refuse them at times. However I think its more of a confidence issue than her abilities. So what I decided to do want to spread the bounces far out and slowly bring them in. While raising them to be higher as well slowly. There was a stride between bounces in this picture. It has taken us about three weeks to get here. I’m hoping with another two weeks she will do bounces like a pro. This is as high as I will do them but when I bring them closer to no strides between, I will lower them again. Then as she can do the no stride bounces, I will slowly raise them up. My trainer has been helping me out with her as well. I’m so thankful for my trainer for helping out with my English horses. I have a separate trainer for my western horses so no worries there. I also go out once every two weeks and ride lesson horses to improve my own skills. I can’t wait to keep learning more.

    0_1568212939893_updatesthngrignroeg (14).jpg

  • MBEC Don’t Know How To aka Momma

    I trailered Momma to a trail arena today for some practice. There is nothing that this mare is scared of. She is pretty brave and is willing to try anything out. I took Momma through the river and over a lot of bridges. She never even pauses even once while going over bridges no matter how high they are. Her willingness to do anything is what I love about Momma the most. This picture was taken when she decided to jump down from the hill. It was a rough landing to say the least as she over jumped it. I am going to be sore for a few days. In other news, I made a good deal with my trainer to let her give lessons at my barn. She will only need the arenas on Saturday and Sunday which is more than fine with me. She will not be using any of my horses for lesson horses. She assured me that these riders have horses of their own and will not be riding any of mine. I told her I would kick her out and find a new trainer if she tried using any of my horses. I had her sign a contact that stated as much and she made a payment for renting the arenas this month. I’m excited to be earning some extra cash on the side to help pay for these bills.

    0_1568494792049_updatesthngrignroeg (16).jpg

  • I like so much your photo style! Your horses have a good potential and they're so beautiful :slight_smile:

  • @Borja-Domecq Thank you so much!

  • AR Lost In Your Eyes aka Minnie

    Meet our lovely new Norwegian Warmblood mare! Her name is AR Lost In Your Eyes or better known as Minnie. She is four years old and has been here for almost three weeks. Already settling in pretty fast she is adjusting quite well to her surroundings. She gets along with my others mares so they can be pastured together. She is really easy to handle on the ground and in the saddle. I already saddle broke her in those three weeks. Plus, I have started the basics with her as well. I’m planning on her becoming another eventing horse for me. I have started her top line as well. Practicing dressage with her will benefit her top line and gaining more muscle as well. As well as eventing requiring dressage so it is good to introduce her. I have been setting a schedule for all the horses. I’m getting quite overwhelmed with them but I will manage. I ride each horse three times a week but rotating the times. I start at 7am and end around 11am each day. Spending the entire afternoon on barn chores along with anything else that needs to be done for the day. I like to work everyone before it gets too hot outside. Even though it is fall in Texas the temperature still easily reaches 90 degrees.

    0_1568563623645_falllequuusupdates (7).jpg

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