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  • AR Lost In Your Eyes aka Minnie

    Minnie has been doing really well under saddle. I have done more dressage training with her plus been starting her over jumps. I’m thankful that this mare seems to have a solid head over her shoulders. She has been super great in the arena so far. I have not yet taken her out on hacks as I am waiting until we move to Oregon for that. I’m excited for the move up there. I been making plans to have my horses transported up there. I will be flying up there so I will get there before them so I can set everything up for their arrival. I’m waiting for them to finish up the house and stables before I move up there. I already hired two ranch hands and bought everything I need to bale hay. They end me picture updates on the baling process. They are working on baling the hay before winter hits. The fields are heavily over grown so they have plenty to bale. A crew team is building a storage barn to store hay in. I know its really late in the season but I’m hoping everything will be done before winter hits.

    I flew up last week and spent 3 days looking around the town. The fountains for the barn are up and the floors are being set in. The crew is doing a great job truly. The house is almost fixed up as well. The crew ended up tearing the old house down and rebuild the entire house. The old house had too much mold and damage to it. I talked with the architect and had everything I wanted in the house. I decided to go with a one story ranch house with an attic and basement. The kitchen and living room both have open floor plans. Y’all I get double ovens! I also get a flat top stove with gas. Then my office will be by my living room with a guest bedroom across from it. A little down the hall is around guest bedroom and then the master bedroom is on the end. Each bedroom has its own bathroom with a half bathroom in the front of the house. I have had multiple people look at Shadow Wind Stables so I’m excited!

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  • She looks like she is working well under saddle! She seems like a special mare and i really like her markings :heartbeat:

  • TJS In the Hills of The Damned aka Mystery

    Sometimes we all have those nope moments. I was practicing higher jumps with Mystery ending in a hard rejection. She had jumped this jump multiple times so I knew it wasn’t a height issue. I’m just glad she doesn’t give me this on the cross-country course. All you have to do with her is point and she jumps. I did slide into her neck at the hard stop. That is always fun to do I say with heavy sarcasm. I did however lower the jumps for the rest of the session to give her a break. Even with the move and everything I have to keep her and the others in top shape. I’m planning to do shows until the ranch is finished up. There is still a lot of work to do. The house is getting closer to getting finished. The ranch hands have gotten almost all the pastures ready for horses. They are doing a great job of baling the hay. The storage building for the hay is almost done. So once the building is done the finished cut hay will be store there. I’m excited for everything to be coming together. At first I thought I would hate the move but I keep getting more and more excited as it draws closer. I haven’t gotten an offer on the stables yet. My trainer is sad to see me sell the place but she understands why I’m moving. I need this in order to heal from my parent’s death. It’s like an open wound that just refuses to heal.

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  • MBEC Don’t Know How To aka Momma

    “Easy sweet girl,” I mumbled to the mare as I started to introduce her to the water. There are parts of some courses where Momma is fully comfortable with it yet. She likes the water but isn’t too sure about the logs under said water. It took a little bit but she did eventually go over the logs. I love seeing Momma grow more and more with each passing day. Most of the time she might be super brave, but she does have her moments where she isn’t very confident. However she is one of the best horses that I own. Momma gives me her best out on the trail, in the show ring, and around the stables. I think that she is going to do so well at White Cross Ranch. Speaking of the ranch I had got some more updates.

    The trails in the woods are starting to be cleared out. I will have flat trails and then a cross country course that will be there. The work will be done by summer so I’m super excited for that. Next the house is almost competed! They are just finishing up the finishing touches. Next they will work full time on the stables and then build shelters for the pastures. I’m glad that everything is finally coming all together. The water lines that will run to the pastures are almost compete as well. I’m super impressed with the work that the crew has done. I will be able to move the horses and myself within the next month.

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  • TJS Frozen Wasteland aka Tank

    I made a kissy noise at the stallion as he jumped over a small plank. I have the habit of making noises to have them to move future. “Good boy!” I said as I gave Tank a quick pat before pointing him at another jump. Tank required a heavier hand due to him getting over excited. He loves to jump and will throw himself over them. He is getting slowly better however. Mostly due to repeated pole work and grids. They seem to really help in getting him to calm himself over jumps. Tank is a stallion that is sweet outside the ring and a beast inside. He has so much energy and just loves to show off. He seems to strive off of the energy that is given in the show ring. “Easy now boy,” I mumbled out loud to myself. I seemed to talk outload a lot. Tank snorted in protest as I did half halts to the jump. I don’t think Tank will ever be not excited to jump. I popped him over some more jumps before cooling him down for the day.

    The move has been going really well as I have things packed up and being shipped out. I will keep the things that I need here. Everything else can be shipped to Oregon. I’m flying out in two weeks to unpack everything from the truck. I am slowly going to unpack things as they arrive there. Hopefully by doing this I will only have a few things to do when I actually move up there for real.

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  • Mystery is very beautiful, his coat is chic :heart_eyes:

  • @Zatanna-Westerlund Mystery is a mare but thank you :)

  • LSF Loaded Pistol aka Bones

    I decide to ride Bones since I bought him from his old owner. I’m blown away that I bought this beautiful stallion. He is massive and a beautiful mover. Like I look like a child on this horse. I do not know how tall he is but I’ll defiantly have to remember to measure him once I get a chance. I had to use the fence to climb up onto his back. I wonder if they make giant stools for short people with large horses. I barely reach his shoulder so I know he is above 17 hands perhaps. I’m honestly not very sure. Looking at this picture however makes me laugh because I look so tiny compared to Bones. Thankfully Bones is so good with mounting standing there waiting for me. This stallion is such a blessing with a temperament worth its weight in gold. He is going to rock the dressage scene for sure. Super responsive with only needing light contact to keep him balanced. Bones was completely worth the price I paid for him. Don’t worry I had gotten a full vet check before I bought him. He has no issues just the fact his old owner couldn’t keep him anymore. I will be taking Bones to some practice shows to see how he performs in the ring once I get to Oregon.


  • Holmgard’s Bice aka Billy

    “Go Billy go!” I cheered the chestnut Arabian stallion on. I was doing a practice speed run with Billy like a mock jumper round. Basically, I made up a course, set it up, and now I am having Billy go through it as fast as he can. “That’s a little high!” I yelped out as he launched himself like a rocket over the last part of the grid. It was a little dramatic but listen I wasn’t exactly prepared for my little Arabian to toss himself over the little jump like rocket. Billy might have a new nickname to be honest. Rocket is a good name. However I am not going to change Billy’s barn name. Mostly because I am too lazy to do that. Those are the real facts right there. I’ll ride five horses a day but I will not take the time to change a barn name for anything. That is just me being completely lazy to the core. It was only a little bit chilly today meaning that it was 80 degrees outside. That is Texas’ form of being cold outside. That is our fall weather. However Oregon will have snow and changing leaves! The closer that it becomes for everything to be done the more excited that I get. I’m so excited to see the fall colors and snow. Mostly snow! I get to have a white Christmas for the first time in my life! I’m rambling now but it is such a cool thing to see for the first time in my life. I get to see snow soon guys!

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  • DBR Not A Fairytale aka Flint

    I chuckled at the gelding as he circled around me. “Good boy Flint,” I praised him as he trotted along. I have been doing more groundwork with Flint to get his energy out. He is also playing with horses over the fence more. I’m super excited for this change of personality. Guess his problem this whole time was that he was just jealous of other horses. He stopped lunging at horses when he passes them. He sniffs them instead which is the best feeling. I’m so thankful for the trainer’s advice of a jealousy problem. I would have never thought of that to be the issue. I’m hoping by the time we move into White Cross Ranch I can pasture him with the other geldings and stallions. It’s a pretty large pasture with enough room to fit them all. I’m just crossing my fingers hoping for the best.

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  • TJS In The Hills Of The Damned aka Mystery

    “Who is a pretty girl!” laughing calling out to Mystery. The big black mare greeted me back with a whinny beating me to the fence. I laughed at her slipping the halter over her head greeting her with a kiss on the nose. The best thing about Mystery is that she loves to greet me at the fence. I love this mare so much. She never failed to make my worst days a lot better. Today I had an offer on the stables but it was retracted at the last minute. It was really frustrating to have someone back out at the last minute. However my realtor has been hard at work trying to find buyers. I just hope she can find someone before White Cross Ranch is done. I don’t want to fly back here to sign any paperwork. The ideal thing would be that I could sell the house and close the same week I move to Oregon. Stables are almost competed fully. The arenas, pastures, and the house are fully competed. It is almost ready to move in which is nerve wreaking considering I don’t have an offer on the stables yet. I just hope everything works out in the end.

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  • EYEC North Star aka Holly

    Holly is doing so good in her training. She seems to get better with every ride that we do. She is starting to balance herself and engaging her hind end without prompt. I’m slowly using less and less leg when trying to get her to move forward. It seems like she is becoming slowly more forward. I’m excited to say the less since I no longer need the spurs. I don’t personally like wearing spurs however it was a tool that Holly needed. Seeing the progress with Holly over time has been so rewarding. I worked on her walk to canter then canter to walk transitions today. Holly does struggle more from walk to canter then canter to walk. However I plan to keep at it before we get to the higher levels of dressage. I want her transitions to be flawless before we get too serious about showing. We do however enter into local shows. The experience is good for her plus getting to show off is pretty cool.

    On the flip side, the offer being retracted was a huge let down. I still think about it from time to time. Part of me thinks that it was something I done. I know that it wasn’t my fault. I just hope that this place gets sold soon. I need to get out and heal on my own terms. My mind keeps thinking about my parents every time I go to certain parts of the house. I grew up in that house so the place holds a lot of memories. Both good and bad memories of my early years. The money from the stocks helps a lot with the bills. I just can’t wait to move into the smaller place.

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  • PR Committee

    I might be slightly in love with Bones - should I feel sorry for him with that nickname? Your poor sims going into his paddock to catch him shouting for Bones :joy: But he is so adorable. I love all the white in his coat; and how it covers his eye too, and he looks good in green :ok_hand:
    Flint is such a striking colour - is he flaxen? Silver? I'm very clueless at anything past chestnut sorry but those dapples on his coat really add to his handsomeness :kiss: and then Holly! One of my favourite names <3 and such a pretty lady, I'm so glad to see another draft because I adore them, and all their fluff :heart_eyes:

  • @Callixta-Rosella He got the name Bones from his old owner and I have been just too lazy to ever change it. (He was named after the show!) Flint is a flaxen chocolate palomino quarter horse gelding! I love him honestly and maybe he'll get a coat update soon. I love Holly too honestly. I love drafts and mules way too much

  • OCS Enter the Show aka Red

    “Go Red!” I said way too excitedly at the little mare. She gave me a snort in resply and circled that barrel closely. We went towards home and crossed the line. The timer read 17.4 and I was so excited. I have been working barrels with her during the days of work. As I’m busy with packing, I don’t work her a lot. I still want her to grow a little before getting serious with her competing. I use neck reining a lot to give her the correct direction. I’m still working with Red to understand the seat more. She gets it mostly but there are hiccups from time to time. I will get more serious with her training once she turns five. I want to make sure her knees close up fully before pushing her limits a little more. Another than that I have been doing mostly ground work and ponying her with Momma on trail rides. It’s good experience for Red since Momma is a good teacher. Red has been getting braver and braver with the trail rides. I’m very proud for the progress that has been made.

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  • Well yeah, wait a little with harder work and ensure a long-lasting healthy horse, way to go :ok_hand_tone2: :)

  • GF Realm Of Broken Kings aka Titan

    “Come on boy,” I asked the black stallion of mine. Titian was not pleased with me as he cleared the small pop up pole. I decided to have him practice more of his jumping. He was more of a dressage stallion to be honest. He loved to dance the most. However I like to keep him more active. I don’t think I will be showing him in show jumping like I had planned however. His heart is just not in the sport. Or he is just annoyed that he has to work more. I’ll give it more time before I decide on it. There is no rush to it. I am planning on working him more in dressage. He is doing really well almost moving up a class. I’m working more on getting him to stay on the bit. His top line is coming along really nicely so I’m not too worried about that right now. My main goal with Titian is getting him really to compete in higher levels of dressage. I am nervous about that however. My journey for looking for a new English trainer for dressage in Oregon has already started. I’m hoping to find a trainer who has competed in higher levels of dressage to teach me. I want to get better at dressage. I’m okay at it however I need the work to get to where I want to be at. They say reach for the stars. I want to go past where I thought I would ever be. I’m nervous for this new start of my journey. I think that I am ready for it however.

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  • MBEC Don’t Know How To aka Momma

    It was actually below 80 today! It was 78 degrees outside so I took Momma for a practice trail ride without Red. As much as Momma loves to hang out with Red, she needs a break from time to time. She pranced down the side of the trail as I took her over some small hills and obstacles. Not enough to get her sweating but enough to engage her mind for today. It was beautiful outside so I wanted to take advantage of riding into the trails as well. I’ll miss the trails when I move. I hope that the trails at White Cross Ranch. I feels weird having a new stable name. Like it’s a new part of who I am. I know that I keep talking about the new place. I apologize for that. I just don’t really have much to talk about since I ride for a couple hours, chores, and then pack for the rest of the day. It’s kind of lonely you know? I hope I finally meet someone. Yeah I know that I’m 22 and single for life. But I do think that I can meet someone new. I think that I do need this push to get onto the next chapter of my life. I can’t mourn my parents forever. That is what is so great about this move. I can start over with a fresh slate. I don’t have to deal with those pity stares every time that I go into town. I won’t have to deal with all the pity anymore and start fresh. I need to start fresh.

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