[ENDS 27/07] Ponies in a Pile!

  • I am selling most of my Shetlandsponies as I made so damn many, and can't keep them all, after I bred them. AND I don't really feel like using them anyway. It's stupid I know, but I think they should go to a home who wanna use them :3


    • Besides mane and tail style and tack, you may not edit anything on the horse (you - may add your normal shinemarkings if you want to and if the horse is a grey, you are allowed to make him grey out).
    • You MAY NOT put up the horse for download (template, coat, whatever).
    • You MAY NOT use the horse's template or coat for new horses.
    • You MAY NOT use custom markings for other horses.
    • You MAY NOT delete or edit the horse's name. I have named it what it's meant to be called. But you can choose whatever nickname you want for the horse.
    • If you wanna sell the horse, please contact me first. Often I would like to buy the horse back. But the price is the same as when I sold him to you, not higher or lower.


    Foundation x Foundation
    Stallion | 98 cm | Chestnut Tobiano | Shetlandspony | ?
    alt text

    Mare | 87 cm | Red with Flax | Shetlandspony | Show Jumping + Steeplechase
    alt text

    Foundation x Foundation
    Mare| 103 cm | Black Tobiano | Shetlandspony | Show Jumping + Steeplechase
    alt text

    Foundation x Foundation
    Mare | 96 cm | Red Dun (ee Aa Dd) | Shetlandspony | ?
    alt text

  • BIDS

    Horse SB Autobuy Highest Bid
    Kilborn's Baldrian §2000 §5000 §2000 by @Rachel-Deacon
    Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper §5000 §8000 §5000 by @Billie-Sparrow
    Kilborn's Amona II §4000 §7000 § 4000 by @Borja-Domecq
    Kilborn's Red Flare §2000 §5000 §2000 by @Rachel-Deacon

  • Oh my goodness they're adorable! I may need to snag one or two.... :P

  • @Aislinn-Moore Please do! :D

  • SB Killborn's Red Hot Chillipepper!

  • @Billie-Sparrow Noted and accepted :)

  • Bump! ;)

  • SB- Kilborn's Amona II :heart_eyes:

  • @Borja-Domecq Accepted! :D

  • Last day today! :D

  • SB Baldrian and Red Flare :slight_smile:

  • @Rachel-Deacon Accepted!

  • Guess who won? I know I'm a little slow, but I have been on vacation until today, so I'm sorry for being slow, but I have heard that the mainsite/bank has been down too, so I guess it's kind of okay :)

    @Rachel-Deacon got Kilborn''s Baldrian
    @Billie-Sparrow got Kilborn's Red Hot Chilipepper
    @Borja-Domecq got Kilborn's Amona
    And last but not least: @Rachel-Deacon got Kilborn's Red Flare

    PLEASE let me know (in a message), if you want ME to registrer the horse for you (if not already registred, will cost you 2,000 more though), or if you wanna do it yourself. And please let me know if you want me to send pr e-mail or pr slack. And PLEASE let me know if you still are interested in the foal or not ;)

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