Swanlake Stables🦢 || My little fluff ball all grown up <3

  • Amazing! Congrats' to you, girl! I hope I can, at some time, experience that on my own too <3

  • Holy nacho cheese! Congrats girl. Sending you the luck you deserve :D

  • @Regina-Walker @Leila-Cabiles Thank youu <3

  • Hey there buddy!

    Say hello to our newest member of the Swanlake-team, Kilborn's Fuerstano :cupid:
    This cute guy comes from @Eva-Evans and arrived at our stable some days ago.
    He's a 1 y/o KWPN stallion and will be trained in show jumping and dressage when he's old enough.

    alt text

  • He's got such a sweet face! what a handsome boy :heart_eyes:

  • Aaaah ma' boooy! He looks amaaaz-balls in your game! :D <3

  • What a beauty! Really great and neat editing and your facilities in the background also look amazing! :heart:

  • @Luna-Smit Thank you, I totally agree with you :blush:

    @Eva-Evans I'm so in love with him <3 Can't wait to see him all grown up!

    @Annalena-Voigt Thank you <3

  • @Adriana-Laubach I'm so glad you like him! I'm looking forward to see him grey out! :D

  • My little fluff ball all grown up <3

    It feels like yesterday to me, that this little wonky baby suddenly stood in Golden Girl's box und stole my heart from the first moment I saw him... And because Eros was born before I started this blog, I'm going to post some pictures that are a bit older.

    alt text

    So a quick recap XD Swanlake's Eros was born in august 2018, luckily without any complications. He was such a sweetheart already and loved to cuddle all day long.

    alt text Disciplines

    With two years he already greyed out quite a bit and also started to develop a strong interest in other ladies, which also showed a little bit in his behavior, when mares or other stallions are around.

    alt text Disciplines

    Today he is six years old and almost completely grown. I am so proud of how he evolved to such a beautiful, strong stallion <3 By himself he still is such a well-behaved, playful boy.

    alt text
    The reason I'm posting all of these pictures now is because Eros and Emelie just took part in their first competition and I want you guys to know why it's such a big deal for me <3

  • He’s so beautiful! It’s always so wonderful and moving to see how a little foal transforms into a powerful and elegant horse, I wish you two the best of luck in the future! <3

  • @Luna-Smit Thank you so much for your kind words ❤️

  • He's an absolute stunner! :drooling_face: Eros grew up a very handsome man, lots of luck in their first show! <3

  • @Jill-Reyes Thank you! ❤️

  • Ohhh my gosh he’s gorgeous! Don’t be surprise if he disappears from your barn at some point here soon :no_mouth: :heart_eyes:

  • aww, Eros is so lovely! It was so nice to see this post all about the little guy growing up <3 it's really sweet

  • Some uneditited updates and random pics

    Our third foal Nautilus LB
    alt text

    OR La Biosthetique Sam
    alt text

    Levisto vom Adlerhof
    alt text

    Our new Swedish Warmblood Nigri Diabolo HE. He's such sweetheart <3
    alt text

    This young lady comes from @Gundrun-Ward. Her name is Birkebei Solei Erutain and she's a Dutch Warmblood.

    And last but not least this beautiful stallion from @Maisie-Warner. His name ist Kingston's Malcolm and he's also a Dutch Warmblood. This picture is pretty dark, I don't know why my graphics are like this all of the sudden :/
    alt text

  • Stunning horses u have there!

  • @Shelby-Ryans Thank you! 😊

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