Swanlake Stables🦢 || Some small updates

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thank you! I really love him too, he's such an eyecatcher with his bright coat and his blue eyes <3

  • Foal Crop - Summer 2019

    Our three beautiful Holsteiner mares relaxing in the sun :sunny:

    alt text Disciplines Photo

    Swanlake's Fantisma DS aka Fanta is expecting her little filly Carla vom Lindenhof. I'm in love with Carla's pretty face <3

    alt text Disciplines

    WH EdelweiĂź also gave birth to her cute filly Geraldine vom Lindenhof. Aren't they both adorable? :heart_eyes:
    alt text

    Our third mare WH Canada is still waiting for her foal, but I'm sure it won't last much longer :relaxed:

  • All of them are so precious! :D Mine are all grown up now. cuddle them as long as their small and innocent <3

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thanks <3 I wish these cuties would stay that small for a bit longer :grin:

  • Great news!

    alt text
    It's been 9 weeks now since I took this picture and I'm really happy to finally announce it:

    I am pregnant <3

    I still can't believe it... The last weeks were filled with happiness and joy... and many tears of course. The moment I held the positive test in my hands, when I told Lionel (my fiance) about it and when I saw our little baby for the first time on the ultrasound... the first trimester was already filled with so many incredible moments, I can't wait to find out, what the other two have to offer :heart_eyes:

  • Omg congratulations, how exciting! The best of luck with the future baby :smile:

  • Congratulations! That's fantastic news! Good luck to you and your fiance!! best wishes!

  • Omg congratulations <3

  • Thank you so much @Luna-Smit, @Marquis-Moulin and @Ian-Salvatore <3

  • Amazing! Congrats' to you, girl! I hope I can, at some time, experience that on my own too <3

  • Holy nacho cheese! Congrats girl. Sending you the luck you deserve :D

  • @Regina-Walker @Leila-Cabiles Thank youu <3

  • Hey there buddy!

    Say hello to our newest member of the Swanlake-team, Kilborn's Fuerstano :cupid:
    This cute guy comes from @Eva-Evans and arrived at our stable some days ago.
    He's a 1 y/o KWPN stallion and will be trained in show jumping and dressage when he's old enough.

    alt text

  • He's got such a sweet face! what a handsome boy :heart_eyes:

  • Aaaah ma' boooy! He looks amaaaz-balls in your game! :D <3

  • What a beauty! Really great and neat editing and your facilities in the background also look amazing! :heart:

  • @Luna-Smit Thank you, I totally agree with you :blush:

    @Eva-Evans I'm so in love with him <3 Can't wait to see him all grown up!

    @Annalena-Voigt Thank you <3

  • @Adriana-Laubach I'm so glad you like him! I'm looking forward to see him grey out! :D

  • My little fluff ball all grown up <3

    It feels like yesterday to me, that this little wonky baby suddenly stood in Golden Girl's box und stole my heart from the first moment I saw him... And because Eros was born before I started this blog, I'm going to post some pictures that are a bit older.

    alt text

    So a quick recap XD Swanlake's Eros was born in august 2018, luckily without any complications. He was such a sweetheart already and loved to cuddle all day long.

    alt text Disciplines

    With two years he already greyed out quite a bit and also started to develop a strong interest in other ladies, which also showed a little bit in his behavior, when mares or other stallions are around.

    alt text Disciplines

    Today he is six years old and almost completely grown. I am so proud of how he evolved to such a beautiful, strong stallion <3 By himself he still is such a well-behaved, playful boy.

    alt text
    The reason I'm posting all of these pictures now is because Eros and Emelie just took part in their first competition and I want you guys to know why it's such a big deal for me <3

  • He’s so beautiful! It’s always so wonderful and moving to see how a little foal transforms into a powerful and elegant horse, I wish you two the best of luck in the future! <3

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