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    Hello, Everyone!


    No Challenges will be posted for at least a week or week in half, this allows everyone time to get use to the new forum. In the meantime take your time to read the information below and comment with questions or suggestions to improve before the launch of the art camp. This is a community thing, so the community is welcome to add to and suggest and build up a helpful event for artist all around. This is also not a Equus Staff event, This is a Event started by me and run by me! do not bother staff about it because they are not associated with it any private questions should be directed towards me.

    I repeat, there are no challenges up yet, do not post in here with an image looking for critique it won't be looked at!

    Welcome to Equus Art Camp!
    So some of you are new, some of you have been around for a little while now, and some of you have been here since Equus was just a wee foal (HA see what I did there…). Throughout Equus history one of its most defining features has been a strive to create art to compliment the champions and are pretty pixel ponies we love an adore. T-shows were one of our many ways to strive to improve, the thrill of the challenge and to win driving us to the point of nearly pulling our hair out and causing judges to sometimes dread the wave of disappointment from the artist after the show was over. While it’s driven so many artists to create what they have, in reality, it’s not a very good or healthy environment to become a better artist and creates a sort of hostility among each other.
    The thought occurred to me to create something for us to challenge ourselves with the guise of a show, without being a show, but allowing the community to come together and help one another out. An Editing art school.
    Each month a new theme will be posted in the challenge section. You as an artist will judge yourself as to what level you think you are Beginner, Medium, and Advanced level. The level you choose will let critique-ers know what level to judge your work at. For example, Say you are advanced level, that means you are letting the community know that they are free to give your work a very hard look because you are aware and willing to accept whatever critique’s they are throwing at you and they expect your work to be a high level. But say you are a beginner, this means you will be letting the community know that you are not as good at editing as some of the other users. They should take a gentler approach to your work and choose only a few things to direct you to work on, instead of looking at your whole piece as a whole.
    In time if you are an Advanced artist, if you wish to you can become official critique-ers, this does not mean you have to constantly critique, just that you are the most common person that others can expect reviews from. All you have to do is PM me and I will make a list of on this page.

    Official Critique-ers:
    Yu-Mi Shimizu

    The Monthly Theme can be either voted on by the community or will be selected based on Equus current events. So say during the Holidays, during Christmas, that month’s theme will compliment Equus event themes.

    This Months Theme
    ~nonchoosen yet~

    Levels of entry

    Your Entry Card:
    Your level entered:
    What do you consider the strongest element of your piece?:
    What do you consider is the weakest element of your piece?:
    Do you want a Public Critique: Yes/No

    A Reminder to Everyone

    Remember that Art is as we make it, art is also as we see it. Remember to be constructive with your criticism not deconstructive. Remember that some choices the artist made were on purpose. Art is Subjective in that you might not like something about their piece but they did; that’s not what this is about. Give them criticism where they ask for or where they feel they need work. If it dissolves into arguments and dislike, then the art camp can’t thrive, and members will be to afraid to enter. Be Friendly, Be thoughtful, and only give constructive criticism to help the fellow artist improve.

  • Will the art camp be for art in general, or will it be for edited sims shots? I feel like it would be equus related but I just wanted to make sure.

  • PR Committee

    Yes the art camp will be focused on equus style art. Which for the main part is editing. But other types can be accepted as well like using a Sim horse in a painting styled picture (like those that were used in the quarterly of mystical beasts)

    It also won't be limited to just horses. So say the challenge is 'mothers day' you can also do images of your Sim people with children or a doggy and her pup or even a Sim cow with calf. Just as random examples.

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