problems with the game (solved)

  • Forgive me for my English xD
    (I don't know if there is a topic like this already existing) BUT I have a huuuuge problem with my game and I can't fix it :(
    It all started yesterday: I downloaded some stuff (like kitchen, living room, bed rooms and so on) from TSR and Sims 3 Marktplatz (bc it was not showing up in game as always)again and I put it in the Mods folder as normal.
    And then it began - I was about to download the sims3packs but they won't download, there is this black window and after a few seconds it disappears and the download is not finished. Also, I tried starting the game but it ended like it did with the downloads: black window, after a few seconds it'll throw me back onto my desktop. I tried it again it again but it won't start nor download anything. So I re-installed the game (the package, sims3packs and other files were saved into another folder)
    After the re-install I put everything back on its place - except for the package files - and downloaded the sims3packs. That worked pretty good. But as soon as I put the mods folder back on its place the game is not starting. :( :(
    The next step was replacing the resource.cfg file and getting some of the package files out of the mods folder - that worked! But I need all of the package files so it was a failure again. I tried it multiple times it's still not working. I tried following some solutions from the internet but guess what? It's not working :DD I also tried finding out where the wrong file/mistake is but TS3CLA won't tell me which file it is or why it's not working.
    I can tell that it's obviously because of the package files so I think I don't need to do anything to the other files.
    And it's also really strange - the game worked perfectly fine a few day ago with a few less files but now it's not.

    Maybe someone could help me out? ): I don't know what to do and I also don't wanna download them all again :/

  • Depending how many you downloaded, it could be too many for your game to handle running at the first at all together. I would clear out your caches then move the packages into the mods folder a few at a time.

  • Okay, thank you! :D I'll try it ^-^

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