[SOLD] Hanoverian Gelding with Breeding Straw and Dole Mare

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    ❥ Neither horse(s) nor their costum markings may be listed for mass download.
    ❥ Coats may be updated (shine markings/detail markings).
    ❥ You are welcome to replace missing public markings with similar ones.
    ❥ Disciplines may be changed. Stallions may be gelded.
    ❥ Horses should stay active at least in R-Shows.

    Smokin' Joe REC
    alt text


    Smokin' Joe REC
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Gender: Gelding with one breeding straw, so he can produce one more foal
    Color: Bay (Genotype is Ea/Aa)
    Discipline: Show Jumping (158 pts.)
    Bonus: SJ +12
    Breeder: Breanna Fahnestock

    WPW Xanthia
    alt text alt text


    WPW Xanthia
    Breed: Dole
    Gender: Mare
    Color: Mealy Bay (Genotype is EE/AA/PP/ff)
    Discipline: Harness Racing (no points yet)
    Breeder: Puck Cantrell
    Notes: She comes with a costum marking.

    If you are interested in one of those horses send me a private message here or on Slack with a reasonable price offer. :slight_smile:

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    WPW Xanthia was sold to @Diana Sæterbakken! :heart:

    Smokin' Joe is still looking for a good home. :hugging:

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    All sold!

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