Skydragon Stables blog: FYI [13/11/2019]

  • Is... is that grass in his mane? Ha! Aw well, at least he had fun.

  • @Anna-Foster that is indeed grass I don’t know how he does that :sweat_smile:

  • I think that‘s the prettiest grey horse I‘ve ever seen 😍

  • @Emilia-Fox with all your stunning horses it’s amazing to hear that from you! :smile:

  • Just a quick update of two wives on a morning stroll…
    starring Laura March and Rachelle Jackson on Olimpéa and Narcotique aka Coco :heart:
    Guess who threw a huge mare tantrum after this?
    coming soon: some action shots of our two ladies and their two ladies doing some eventing aaand a small foal haul 'cause I have no self control at auctions :sweat_smile: stay tuned!

  • Olimpéaaa <3

  • You got some really pretty horses there <3
    Billy has the cutest face. I just wanna cuddle him :sob:
    Olimpéa and Coco are so pretty! <3

  • @Maria-Jones thank you! <3 I'll give Billy an extra cuddle from you ;)

  • Both mare look stunning! It's always great to see some quite and peaceful moments around the barn. It must've been a great pleasure for them to take the horses out in the morning :smile: :heart:

  • @Jill-Reyes
    Thanks! And yes it sure was, especially cause we’re expecting 4 foals so everyone is busy preparing :smile:

  • This post is deleted!

  • 0_1566223423466_pic-1.jpg
    :musical_note:insert Bruno Mars song here:musical_note:


  • What a cutie! She has the sweetest eyes.

  • 22.08.2019
    Although the lavender is striking, I can't help but stare at him. For once, his coat is white like snow, his mane like silver. The hours of grooming seem to have paid of again. I'm proud of my boy, my Billy. <3

    Before & after+ larger

  • Impressive editing! I love lavender fields <3

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld thank you! <3 A green backdrop in game makes things so much easier :smile:

  • random update:coming soon
    This might seem like a boring update without pictures... and I agree XD but I couldn’t wait any longer to announce that we are soon starting the rebuild of our stables, including a new branch: Skydragon Stables Ponyhof! from now on we will expand to breeding, selling and competing not only Belgian Warmbloods but Belgian Riding ponies as well! we’ll start with a small stable of around 5 ponies and we’ll see were it goes!

  • Meet Tree Hugger aka Tristan!

    Who is this odd youngster? This is Tree Hugger. Now you might be wondering why the heck we gave our Tristan that show name. It's quite simple actually: this sweety has a weird obsession with trees. You'll catch him staring at them, nibbling on leaves, "talking" to them and his favorite activity is to snooze or scratch against the "prison of his friend" the tree in his current meadow (as pictured). Altough he's a bit weird he's very promising and we can't wait to see what leaf-filled plans the future holds for him! (boy will he LOVE fall)


  • he is so stuning

  • @Ian-Salvatore thanks!

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