Skydragon Stables blog: Happy new year!+Babies [1/01/2020]

  • @Samantha-Jadirea @Ashton-Mills thank you both although it’s just an edit of an existing costum world so all credits to the creator who I’ve forgotten the name of All I know is you can find the original here

  • Aww tiny wee babies with their little blankets :sob: That's so adorable <3

  • Some call it lazy… I call it smart :shrug: :laughing:
    We're half way there and indeed living on a prayer in fear of crashing
    also my doors dicided not to load oh well

  • Wowo so cool and beautiful stud ! :D

  • It looks really well organised. I love your world in the background :)

  • So green ! So beautiful Luna ! :heart_eyes:

  • Seeing facilities as nice as this really makes me want to redo mine for the thousandth time because I want mine to look this nice.

  • I love your facility! I'm always in awe of people who can plan and build such things and make it look so realistic, I can imagine the horses going about their daily lives already <3 the two stables (?) at the front with the little green trees along the middle looks like such a fun place to take screenshots.

  • @Shagaia-Nedja-ri thank you :)
    @Samantha-Jadirea Thank you, I do like everything to be symmetrical and organised but it does thake some time thinking everything through :smile:
    @Eloïse-Newport Thank you :heart:
    @Ashton-Mills trust me I think everyone feels that way when they see other people’s nice facilities, I also get that urge all the time this is my second attempt in 4 weeks :sweat_smile: but I am flattered by your comment :smile:
    @Eowyn-Vance Thank you <3 I tried this new thing were I just take a screenshot of an empty world and I just write on the map were I want everything to be and it’s so nice to see it look more and more like what I had in mind, it’s starting to feel like a home already and it isn’t even finished yet. The only downside on having 4 large stable buildings and more space now is that I will for sure want to fill all those empty stalls :smile:

    All these comments really put a smile on my face thanks guys!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Luna-Smit said in Skydragon Stables blog: Happy new year!+Babies [1/01/2020]:

    Some call it lazy… I call it smart

    it looks great so far!

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