Skydragon Stables blog: Morning stroll [10/08/2019]

  • Is... is that grass in his mane? Ha! Aw well, at least he had fun.

  • @Anna-Foster that is indeed grass I don’t know how he does that :sweat_smile:

  • I think that‘s the prettiest grey horse I‘ve ever seen 😍

  • @Emilia-Fox with all your stunning horses it’s amazing to hear that from you! :smile:

  • Just a quick update of two wives on a morning stroll…
    starring Laura March and Rachelle Jackson on Olimpéa and Narcotique aka Coco :heart:
    Guess who threw a huge mare tantrum after this?
    coming soon: some action shots of our two ladies and their two ladies doing some eventing aaand a small foal haul 'cause I have no self control at auctions :sweat_smile: stay tuned!

  • Olimpéaaa <3

  • You got some really pretty horses there <3
    Billy has the cutest face. I just wanna cuddle him :sob:
    Olimpéa and Coco are so pretty! <3

  • @Maria-Jones thank you! <3 I'll give Billy an extra cuddle from you ;)

  • Both mare look stunning! It's always great to see some quite and peaceful moments around the barn. It must've been a great pleasure for them to take the horses out in the morning :smile: :heart:

  • @Jill-Reyes
    Thanks! And yes it sure was, especially cause we’re expecting 4 foals so everyone is busy preparing :smile:

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