Skydragon Stables blog: see y'all later [2/02/2020]

  • Hi there everyone!
    this post is still a WIP but I just couldn't wait to introduce you to our staff and horses ;)
    before we get started here's some info about us:

    Skydragon Stables was originally founded during the interbellum by a retired airforce pilot Albert Smit - nicknamed 'The skydragon'- and his wife Marie. Generation after generation the stables were passed on and a small shed turned into a large equine center specializing in one specific breed: The Belgian warmblood. Now located in the Belgian Ardennes we own 12 Belgian warmbloods and counting of the 4th generation.
    Currently in charge is Sarah Smit, the eldest of three. She inhereted the stables at a young age because their parents disapeared out of the blue and still aren't found...

    ps: sorry for the huge pics i still need to figure that out whoops

  • Facilities coming soon one day when I finally finish rebuilding

  • Meet our team! pt1

  • meet our team! pt 2
    1_1563644387321_rachelle.jpg 0_1563644387320_laura.jpg

  • pt3
    2_1563644307276_Chris.jpg 1_1563644307276_bjorn.jpg 0_1563644307276_art.jpg

  • 2_1563644350765_peter.jpg 1_1563644350765_dan.jpg 0_1563644350765_celine.jpg

  • Meet the guys

  • Meet our ladies!
    5_1563645661526_Screenshot-332.jpg 4_1563645661526_Screenshot-298.jpg 3_1563645661526_Screenshot-297.jpg 2_1563645661526_Screenshot-292.jpg 1_1563645661526_Screenshot-291.jpg 0_1563645661526_Screenshot-269.jpg

  • What beautiful horses! I cant wait to see more!! :heart_eyes:

  • @Miranda-Gage
    thank you so much!! I’m looking forward to get my blog started :blush:

  • Looking forward to seeing more Luna! Your horses are stunning, and so is your team!

  • @Ashley-Lamothe thank you so much! :smile:

  • Ohh I love the design of your human sims :blush:

  • Olimpéa :heart_eyes: I love her coat!

  • @Aurora-Bianchi : thanks! I was just trying some random things as a template but I kinda liked how it turned out :blush:
    @Borja-Domecq : Thank you! I have to admit she's one of the horses I'm most proud of :smile:

  • Wow your horses are beautiful! I really like Olimpéa too, she has such a cute face :relaxed:

  • @Adriana-Laubach thank you! :relaxed:

  • This post is deleted!

  • Meet the horses pt1: Billy & Storm

    Joylane aka Billy
    He gets along with other horses very well, but the list of people he accepts is way shorter. However if you are one of the lucky people he likes, this horse is the dream: eager to please, sweet, agile and brave... except when it comes to water. Billy does not like water at all wich makes washing him an afternoon- filling program and rivers or water jumps are a no-go -Seriously he would be able to jump over a wall of fire but still spook over a puddle. Also once he escapes... good luck trying to catch him for the next 5 hours.

    Stormur aka Storm
    Like his name, our Storm can be a bit of a whirlwind. It seems like the young stallion is impossible exhaust with endless stamina. However he still needs to learn how to control his energy and use it for the right purpose like jumping over obstacles instead of arena fences... Even Robert has trouble trying to keep control over this wild spirit. Once he’s out of the arena everything changes. He reaches ‘the eye of the storm’ and returns to his happy and cuddly state like nothing happend so we can’t help but forgive him. After all, he’s still young and his father Jack -also a bit of a mess when he was younger- turned out amazing.

  • Meet the horses pt2: Imperya & Duchess!
    Today I'm introducing you to these two little besties ;)

    the number one solution to get cute shots like these: treats.

    :eight_pointed_black_star: Imperya :eight_pointed_black_star:
    Since the day she was born, Imperya was quite the personality around the stables. As a foal it seemed like she enjoyed nothing more then breaking out of her stable and releasing her little friends as well. She would then proudly gallop across the stables, followed by peers Duchess and Zenzero. She quickly showed that she was not only a little rascal, but also very intellegent and a born leader. Her traits that make her so amazing also tend to make her a little hard to train. She can be stubborn from time to time and she’s not the type of horse that you can bribe with treats during training but with a little work, her trainer Sarah is sure she has great potential.

    Duchess aka Diva :crown:
    Céline will never admit it, but she and Diva seem to share one and the same personality. They do throw their occasional tantrum. They seem strong but deep down, on the other hand, both are very sensitive and caring. She and Céline would make an unbeatable team. If they fully accepted eachother, their future is promising.
    Pro Tip: When she’s mad, a treat only is enough to lighten her mood instantly. When she’s in a herd, Diva behaves a lot differently then under the saddle, she shows a more playful side of her, almost as if she were still a foal.

  • I loooove Billy, I have such a soft spot for greys, and the way you edit your eyes is so pleasing. :heart:

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