Skydragon Stables blog: Treasure [19/08/2019]

  • @Anna-Foster that is indeed grass I don’t know how he does that :sweat_smile:

  • I think that‘s the prettiest grey horse I‘ve ever seen 😍

  • @Emilia-Fox with all your stunning horses it’s amazing to hear that from you! :smile:

  • Just a quick update of two wives on a morning stroll…
    starring Laura March and Rachelle Jackson on Olimpéa and Narcotique aka Coco :heart:
    Guess who threw a huge mare tantrum after this?
    coming soon: some action shots of our two ladies and their two ladies doing some eventing aaand a small foal haul 'cause I have no self control at auctions :sweat_smile: stay tuned!

  • Olimpéaaa <3

  • You got some really pretty horses there <3
    Billy has the cutest face. I just wanna cuddle him :sob:
    Olimpéa and Coco are so pretty! <3

  • @Maria-Jones thank you! <3 I'll give Billy an extra cuddle from you ;)

  • Both mare look stunning! It's always great to see some quite and peaceful moments around the barn. It must've been a great pleasure for them to take the horses out in the morning :smile: :heart:

  • @Jill-Reyes
    Thanks! And yes it sure was, especially cause we’re expecting 4 foals so everyone is busy preparing :smile:

  • This post is deleted!

  • 0_1566223423466_pic-1.jpg
    :musical_note:insert Bruno Mars song here:musical_note:

    The yearly Belgian foal auction was almost over. Before we came here, Sarah, Rob and I had agreed on two colts: Temptation and Tarantino after some long research. We would only bid on them and them only, no suprises or changing of mind. Everything was going as planned, we got the two lovely boys and decided to hang around for a bit.
    What I forgot to tell my siblings, however, was that I had one last foal in mind. Her name was treasure: a 6 month old, black tobiano filly. When she came into the ring, I was enchanted by her large eyes. To my surprise, Sarah and Robert where too and well... the rest is history!


    phew I've been waiting for a while to post this but I'm super busy at my summer job atm I'll introduce you to the other two foals once I get some time off again :)

  • What a cutie! She has the sweetest eyes.

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