[ENDS 08/5| 24h ALB}DBR Home Bred Horses

  • General sale rules
    Do not re-upload the horse for public download or to any payment sites.
    Do not use the coat or the conformation for another horse, the coat is okay to use on a direct offspring with minor tweaking.
    Do not change the registered name or the suffix, barn name is okay to change.
    Minor changes like shine and detail markings are okay to do.
    If you do not want to keep the horse, please contact me to see if I want to buy it back before you sell it or send it to reclaims/deceased.
    Add a diamond in your 1st bid for proof of rules being read

    Auction rules
    The auction will end 08/05 11:59 PM CST, any bids placed on the 5th will automatically turn the auction into a 24H ALB.
    No autobuy
    Minimum bid increase is $1.000, no maximum.

    Starting bid: $10,000
    Happy bidding

    Horse High Bid
    DBR Keep The Cash SOLD - $10,000 - @Lexi-House

    alt text
    alt text
    These photos are slightly older, as I have recently added more shaders to darken him up a bit more. You are more than welcome to remove these shaders or adjust him as you see fit for your game play, All I ask is that you do NOT make him unrecognizable.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Dappled grey (black Based) English bred AQH GELDING. He has 3 straws available. NO current offspring. He is entered in 1 show currently on another form.
    Does NOT have a mainsite.
    5 YO

  • oh wow <3 SB DBR Traitors Ransom :gem:

  • Auction still open for 48 hours!

  • DBR Kriminal Kingpin sb! :diamond:

  • Both horses are sold! Congrats to @Lexi-House & @Sophie-Oak, Once the mainsite is back up, pease send me the payment & PM me, I will then send the files :)

  • That QH is beautiful <3 congrats winner!

  • Money sent

  • New horse up!

  • SB!!! Oh man..

  • $10,000 High bid, 24h left to grab this beauty!

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