Geneva Park | Meet the staff & First Freiberger!

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    Welcome to our new stable Geneva Park! Recently one of our trainers at the Hetting Ranch, Emelia Gardner, decided to fulfill her dream of owning her own stable, and she decided to move to a little stable in Switzerland, together with her friend Clarissa Fields and their horses. They have been settling in nicely, but are still in the process of renovating the old stable. Meanwhile, three of our mares have given birth to beautiful little foals!

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    Our bay Oldenburg Mare Monachyle's Rosefall (Local Dressage Champion) gave birth to a very lively and brave Black Tobiano filly named Libra GV, and our black Oldenburg mare Monachyle's Lavauzelle had a pretty, but rather shy black arabian warmblood colt, who will likely gray out later on and is named Arion GV. Both mares were created by @Callixta-Rosella and have been doing great so far! Also, our black Sabino arabian mare Siren's Song GV (Local Dressage Champion) gave birth to a just as lively and active arabian filly called Calypso GV, who loves to play with Libra.
    More images and profiles of the foals will follow later

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    Meet the staff! From left to right: Callie, Clarissa Fields, Emilia Gardner, Connor Raynes, Maddie Raynes, Lily.

    After Emilia and Clarissa moved to Switzerland from the US, they needed to find a new vet to take care of their horses, especially the mares and their newborn foals. This was how they met Connor Raynes and his daughter, Maddie, who fell in love with Dreamlady HMF, our new German Riding Pony, immediately.
    It soon became clear that the two of them would make a really great team, and Emilia and Clarissa really needed some help with the horses. They started giving Maddie riding lessons, and hopefully Lady and Maddie can compete at some local Dressage shows soon!
    With Maddie being at the stable whenever she has time, Connor is often there, too, helping out as much as he can. While he can't ride (and doesn't have any ambition to try), he supports Emilia by helping out with the foals and around the stable.
    Moreover, two lovely dogs have joined the team! Callie and Lily have been adopted by Clarissa from a local shelter. While Lily is very energetic and barely able to stand still, Callie is a lot calmer. No one knows about their background, so they can only guess why Callie is so shy. But Clarissa has been taking care of her in particular, taking her wherever she goes and trying to win her trust, and slowly she is warming up to her, while still being careful around other people.

    Another new addition you'll probably hear much about in the future is our very first Freiberger mare! Cirrata GV is a Dominant White mare, who Emilia bought from a local breeder after finding her ad online.

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    Stunning Freiberger Mare with unusual color!
    Cirrata is a very versatile and talented mare, who does not only have a very special coat color, but also very good result in her field trials (7/8/8). We started her training, but she still needs more experience and an experienced rider who makes her feel safe. She is NOT a horse for a beginner.
    She gets along well with other mares as well as geldings. She did trail rides with a group and has fun with small jumps.
    She would be perfect for a very experienced rider who likes to hack out and do trail rides, and maybe take part in some small shows.

    When Emilia saw this ad she knew she just had to take a look at this horse! She had learned more about the breed a few weeks earlier at a local breed show, where they showed last years foals and the stallions got registered with the studbook. She was intrigued by their versatility, while many of the showed horses were trained for Carriage driving and Show Jumping, there were many Dressage, Eventing or even Western Freibergers as well!
    She called the owner of the mare to set up a date, and since it was not far from their stable, decided to drive out there tomorrow with Clarissa.
    When they arrived at the small barn where the mare was stabled, they were greeted by the owner immediately.
    "It's so nice to meet you! We already got Cirrata off the pasture and in her stall, so we can go ahead and you can take a look at her if you'd like!"
    The owner put a halter on the mare and lead her out of her stall, and so far the young mare looked healthy and well-behaved, so Clarissa asked if they could tack her up and try her out. But to both of their surprise, the owner said that this wouldn't be possible.
    "You see, we started her training when she was four years old, and had a trainer work with her for about five months, but due to personal reasons we weren't able to continue the training and she hasn't been ridden since", she explained. Clarissa gave Emilia a quick look, indicating she didn't believe a single word she said. Both of them were suspicious. The owner noticed that pretty quickly and offered to at least put the mare in the arena, so they could evaluate her movements and maybe even put up a small jump.
    While Emilia was already pretty sure this would be a waste of time, she reluctantly agreed anyway, only to be surprised again. The mare was obviously very talented and had amazing movement. She also seemed to have a lot of fun jumping and still was very well-behaved.
    "Well, she sure has a lot of potential, and she isn't asking much money for her", Emilia said to Clarissa, "maybe we should just take her. Maybe they really didn't have enough time to work with her."
    "Or she isn't as nice and well-behaved as she seems", Clarissa admitted, "But if you're up to it, I think we should give it a try. Connor can take a look at her and make sure she doesn't have any health issues, and then we'll see how it goes. She does have a lot of potential, and I think she can make it far if we can get her to work with us."
    While the two of them agreed that Cirrata would likely pose a challenge, they still took her home with them the same day. For now they decided she'll just stay in the pasture so that she can get to know the herd she'll be staying with, until Connor had a chance to make sure she was completely healthy and ready to start training.

    Larger images from the advertisement:

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    Awesome! I can't wait to see what they're able to uncover about Cirrata (And she's so gorgeous :heart_eyes: )!

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    Welcome to world of english riding! It seems you have a lovely little collection of horses already including those adorable babies! I love the markings on the tobiano, but we need to talk about the Freiberger! I love how chunky she is! Her coat is beautiful but I can't help but think she will need to be under a rug 24/7!

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    Wow! Never seen this breed before but she really caught my attention :heart:

  • @Nebriniel-Sáralondë @Johanna-Masters @Cole-Tieman

    Thank you all for your lovely replies! I need to update this blog more often, but I'm so busy at the moment :/
    I'm glad I got some people interested in the breed, and once I have more time, I might open some import slots, if someone is interested :)
    Cirrata's story is based of a horse I knew in rl by the way, and I hope to write more about her in the future :)

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