[ENDS WHEN SOLD] Double titled Saddlebred, grade and pony


    • You can change coat (no extremes)
    • You can change conformation (no extremes)
    • You can change names (keep prefix)

    Due to moving to Icelandics-only program we need to sell some of our beloved homes. They have been in our stable for long, so they will only go to responsible owners.

    • American Saddlebred Mare
    • Saddle horse grade
    • Pony

    SAI Two for Joy Endurance Regional Champion and English Pleasure Local Champion
    This girl has been competing in English Pleasure and in Endurance. She needs at least intermediate rider due to her shy nature and very senstive mouth. When she trusts her rider, she is able to do anything. Joy has been on break from riding so she needs to rebuild her muscules. Unfortunately she is hard to keep her in shape, she always looks slanky.
    She has and gives +2 in endurance and +1 in english pleasure.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Breed - American Saddlebred
    Colour - Seal bay tobiano (Ee Ata nT)
    Disciplines - Endurance (regional champion, 52 points) and 25 points in English pleasure

    SAI Five for Silver
    Silvia is goofball of energy. She is very young, but can be ridden by anyone and everywhere. She hasn't received a lot of training, she was ridden mostly out in trails or has taken part in endurance competitions. Silvia posseses very fast tolt, but is as comfortable as sofa. Very easy keeper, could live probably out of air.
    Breed - Grade Saddle (icelandic x ASB)
    Colour - Silver dapple tobiano splash (Ee Aa nZ nT nSpl)
    Disciplines - Endurance (receives +3, has 14 points so far) and speed racking (reveives +1, 18 points so far)
    alt text
    alt text

    Unnamed Pony
    This pony hasn't got any story yet, unregistered. Everything is up to you :)
    Breed - any fatty pony or small draft, probably something gypsy-vanner-ish
    Colour - black (can also be minimal splash or minimal tobiano)
    Disciplines - up to you
    alt text

    Application - (pm me here)
    How much can you pay
    Your plans for horse
    Horse future
    Something about your stable


  • ASB sold, rest are still there

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