[ENDED] Grand Prix "Matador" dressage mare for sale

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    She's beauty, she's grace; she's the first in a long line of dressage champions and a champion herself. One of our founding mares, she started out her competition career in carriage driving, but it eventually became clear that her true calling lies in the dressage arena. She's had a steady career, scoring points half the time, and she was among the first of our horses to make it to 200 points and beyond.
    Flying Dutchman, also known as Duchess to her riders and grooms, is a true lady with a diva's temperament. She's very opinionated, and if she feels that today is not a day when she wants to work, bridling her can take some convincing. She has a very sensitive belly and often kicks when the girth is tightened, so it's advisable to keep her tied up for handling. She has been enjoying life for a number of years now, so a long warm-up will bring out the best in her. Although she has grown stiffer with age, once she gets her engine running she's responsive and pleasant to ride with a big trot and a sensitive mouth.
    Duchess accepts spurs, but whips rub her the wrong way and can turn her sour and uncooperative in a fraction of a second. She appreciates a rider with steady hands who gives her clear instructions and then leaves her alone (sometimes she does think that she knows best). She's fine to clip, but she should be kept lightly rugged when the nights are cool, and in winter she should be warmly rugged at all times to keep her back warm.
    She's a good, firm mother to her foals and would also make a great broodmare.

    You may:
    • Alter the horse's conformation to remain realistic as she ages
    • Alter the horse's shine markings
    • Age up the horse/pause her in time
    • Make blog posts
    • Retire the horse
    • Change the horse's discipline
    • Lease the horse off to another member
    • Return the horse to seller if you lose interest/quit Equus
    You may not:
    • Place the horse for public download or claim her as your own creation
    • Use the horse as template
    • Drastically alter her coat/conformation
    • Change the horse's genotype, name, or gender
    • De-age the horse
    • Remove the horse from Equus to another forum without discussing your decision with me first.

    Please inform me if the horse dies in your game. The seller reserves the right to reclaim the horse if the auction rules are broken.

    Starting bid $80,000

    Minimum bid increase 1k.
    Please add a * to your first bid as a sign that you've read and accept the rules.

    Auction ends on Thursday, August 15, 00:00:00 GMT

  • The auction is still open for five days.

  • The auction is now closed. A little disappointing result, but what can you do.

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