Wanted! Barb/Arabian Crosses

  • I recently found out that these North African beauties have been known to pace and tölt and they are just what my gaited horse center Stormhaven Farms is looking for.

    I am searching for one or two breeding mares. Is there anyone who breeds them or can create some? I already made the stallion, it would be nice if the mares were from someplace else.

    I don't have any specific color in mind, just maybe not chestnut, since the stallion already is.

    I can pay, offer horse trades, poses, whatever you like.

  • I could give it a go today if you are still looking for a mare :D

  • Absolutely. Yes. I love your horses.

  • May I present you this pretty Sooty Bay Rabicano barb-arabian mare :D If you want me to change anything just let me know.
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • She’s great! I really love her.
    What can I give you in exchange?

  • Anything you would like really ^^ Tell me you email so I can send you her file.

  • my email is an_foster@hotmail.com

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