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    Hi I'm Chelsea. This is my attempt at making things. I lost all my things very recently and I am still very sad please like me.

  • Orienne PR


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    Curious about the world | Two left feet

    I'm going to start with my newest, Orienne PR, my first (and only) homebred horse. She's out of @Lidija-Rotherford's mare RFE Lanaladi and Orvil AT, who I bought eons ago from @Eowyn-Vance, which means Freckles is grandsired by both Trinidad and Voltaire :)

    I wanted to make this post look really nice and fancy but I don't really know how lol

  • She's such a cute little mare! :heart: Hope to see more of your horses I'm looking forward what is coming next. :eyes:

  • Awwww so proud! She is beautiful!

  • oh my goodness she's beautiful!! I absolutely love her colour!

  • She's a really sweet looking mare :) I love her colour!

  • She's so pretty :two_hearts:

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