Aurous Valley Arabians [Hiatus]

  • It's high time i got my butt in gear and made one of these. The coding on this forum is a nightmare to use, so until i figure that out and get all comfy cozy with it, I have no grand fancy opening post for you. Just gonna hop right into posting pretty pictures

  • In most recent news, we have babies!
    The proud fathers are our own Bagheera EXQ and our new, breath-taking stallion, Asmar Ibn Ghazal EXQ both by the truly exquisite @X-tina-Hoxha
    alt text
    alt text

    The foals would make excellent dressage and western pleasure prospects in their new homes!
    alt text

  • ooohhh love first foal

  • Love that you've got an album up again! Pretty foals too!

  • So nice to see your horses again, they're so lovely! Those foals are super cute :heart:

  • Those babies are super cute!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Beautiful foals! I love them <3

  • Those foals :heart_decoration:

  • I would like to show off some new faces here at Aurous Valley as there are many! I don't have a lot of energy for editing lately so im working on improving my photography as a whole. Hopefully these photos should suffice while im improving. Tips are super welcome, by the way

    alt text
    We built a little introduction paddock into our main pastures so our newest filly, 3 year old Amira HFM, could safely meet her future paddock mates. Left to right (by heads) we have English Pleasure Regional Champion SH Swan's Ascension, AAF Amaryllis, English Pleasure Regional Champion Minhat, and AA Zapka
    Amaryllis is a Russian mare by Some Like It Hot and she's joined our country pleasure team with a promising career ahead of her.
    Zapka was a long awaited breeding from @Tasha-White out of two of her fine Polish arabians. She has started her career in Western pleasure with Asmar.

    alt text
    Amira herself will be competing in Eventing and Endurance until she titles and will then be switching over to Country Pleasure

    alt text
    Although not an especially new face, PAR Kaa has never had a feature in my scrapbook. She is quickly becoming a favorite of mine with her sweet, gentle face and lovely freckled coat. She is one of 4 foundation horses I have ever made for myself and one of 2 I have left at my stable. She competes in Country Pleasure and Fine Harness and her son competes in Country and English pleasure.

    alt text
    Finally, my brand new saddlebred stallion out of my own Audacious Daughter and UD Catatonic, a birthday present from @Bella-Wolf! He competes in only Fine Harness and will be making his debut in the ring this month! He will be an important piece for my saddlebred breeding program this year!

  • I have been feeling so deeply dissatisfied with ec lately. Not in a way that can be fixed by going somewhere else or by starting over or leaving. I just feel like I've wasted the last two years focusing on something that's effectively isolated me in the community.
    Every so often, a discipline's popularity spikes and people get horses just for the discipline. But I've damned myself with a discipline even the tiny handful of people who compete in it don't use arabians. Sure the thought of just switching all my horses into a more popular discipline has crossed my mind, frequently in fact, but there are so few I enjoy that I know I'd be just as unhappy to switch. Also considering I've just poured two years into my english pleasure arabians and they're just now starting to make headway, I can't even bear the idea of spending another two years working my way up in a discipline I'm not even into.
    It feels like I have two options, unhappiness by isolation or unhappiness by conformity.
    Some days I just want to throw my arms up and say "what's the point? Im never gonna get anywhere with this!" and leave. But I like EC and would never pretend I actually want to leave. I'll just keep doing what I've been doing and hope that someday with enough work, English Pleasure arabians will be worth something to someone other than me.

  • At last! Aurous Valley has a whole crop of foals who are staying home! This crop of foals consists of pure Polish arabians all with +2 in English Pleasure, making them the bright future of Aurous Valley's English Pleasure program. All sired by RHC Caszimir owned by @Dimitri-Dane!
    alt text
    Our exceptional broodmare, ʙᴡᴙ TOHFA is shown here with SH SWAN'S ASCENSION's grey filly known as "Mona Lisa" and her own colt known as "Vance." Vance seems to have inherited Tohfa's head, as many of her foals do. He'll be following in both parents' footsteps and be shown under saddle in English Pleasure and in hand
    alt text
    Mona with her dam SH Swan's Ascension before Swan went home to Shadowhaven Arabians with @Skye-Valens. She seems to've inherited her dam's gorgeous head and balanced conformation, and it's estimated she'll be tall like her mother as well. And like her half-sister AvA Cabaret, she sports a beautiful dark bay coat we'll be sad to see go when she greys out.
    Stay tuned to see Bassira and Minhat's foals by Caszimir

  • Many babies, very good.

  • @Alina-Parson Your horses are great and if you enjoy a certain discipline, well keep competing! Even if only a few people compete there or if no one there uses Arabs (so far). You do. And you should do what makes you happy! And eventually you'll draw attention to some people and they will join too (: I like your horses a lot! So maybe i'll steal one of your arabians one day and compete in those disciplines too haha

    Also... those foals are so adorable!

  • Too much cute! :sparkling_heart:

  • PR Committee

    I agree with Maria, you should continue to do something if you makes you happy. Maybe one day it will catch on and maybe it won't, but as long as you enjoy yourself that's what should matter. Arabians are such a versatile breed and I think it's awesome that you show them in a saddle seat discipline. It makes you stand out from most of the other Arabian breeders. It looks like you are starting to produce new lines for your EP competitors. I'm sure they will be awesome!

  • oohhh god baby its so cute <3

  • My internet is back, and while I finish up breeding requests from this year's standing stud, I'm reminded to share some pictures of our resident foals. Today I introduce to you, from left to right: Tiger (out of Minhat), Najlepra (out of Bassira), and the two you already know, Mona and Vance. Their permanent names are in the works with the exception of Najlepra.
    alt text

    We have our hopes set high for Tiger, as he's out of our best English Pleasure mare, Minhat. His career will start when our foundation sale ends hopefully in September. If he does as well as we expect, he will be the new foundation for our breeding program.
    alt text

    Here are our current youngsters meeting our resident weanlings from our last foal crop. AvA Minya bint Sharifa, by Asmar Ibn Ghazal EXQ on the left and AvA Nor'easter, by Tahdhir on the right. Nor'easter is our first second-gen pure Polish arabian stallion and will start his career in Country Pleasure like his dam. Minya's future is undecided, for now she and Easter are enjoying their carefree years.
    alt text

  • Your Arabs are just gorgeous! I wish I'd found your album earlier :)

  • So pretty! I've always loved your horses, these guys are no exception! I bet they will all be spectacular when they grow up!

  • PR Committee

    I love your foals so much, they look so soft :heart: I'm so excited to see my new baby!

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