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    Heya! I'm Leila and I'll be working on a selection of 3 things here on Equus! Those 3 things include future cc, and leasing and buying out this year's group of horses. Watch this post for future sales and cc :D. And that picture is mah Lil kiddo, Clara and her pony, Marsh.

    Our Lovely Stable:

    Introduction of- The Horses!

    This is: Wendy!! This is: New Moon! (The heart of our stable)
    0_1567845713573_wjPxKTv (1).jpg 0_1567845851504_pbCTbiB (1).jpg
    Breed: Friesian Sport Horse Breed: Registered APHA
    Gender: Mare Gender: Mare
    Age: 13 Age: 4
    Discipline(s): Dressage & Eventing Discipline(s)
    This is: Marsh!: This is: Max!
    0_1567846074404_Z3pfVI1 (2).jpg 0_1567846274575_PRhrnHJ (1).jpg
    Breed: AQH Pony Breed: Hanoverian
    Gender: Gelding Gender: Stallion
    Age: 16 Age: 5
    Discipline(s): Show Jumping & Eventing Discipline(s): Dressage
    This is: Hera!
    0_1567846436400_d0g1YQL (1).jpg
    Breed: Hanoverian
    Gender: Mare
    Age: 9
    Discipline(s): Show Jumping & Eventing
    Staff (To lazy to take pics)
    Lauren Ranchi
    Larisa Skies
    Venice Cabiles
    Vanessa Roger
    Blare Valley
    Max Garcia
    Ava Boulevard
    Amber Baker
    Emmy Lance

    MVS Stables Pictures:
    Luna My Dear <3
    Wendy wants lazy Marsh to wake up
    A rainy mornin' Nothing much
    Oh, it's just max
    What a lovely IDH

  • Our Newest Mare's first foal <3

    0_1567058608495_Screenshot-10.jpg 0_1567058647290_Screenshot-11.jpg
    0_1567058665239_Screenshot-13.jpg 0_1567058679172_Screenshot-14.jpg


    Tell me what ya think of this lovely little lady :D

  • Congrats with this cutiepie! <3

  • @Luna-Smit Thanks Luna!

  • What a cute little filly! It's always amazing to welcome new life into the world <3

  • @Jill-Reyes It sure is! when I saw her I was awestruck. :D

  • She's a pretty girl :heart: what is her breed?

  • @Borja-Domecq This lovely little lady is and her mama are Trakehners <3

  • Thanks for all your wonderful feedback! :)

  • PR Committee

    Aww what a little cutie :two_hearts:

  • Just some Pony Trainin'


  • "Hooman, What are you doing?"


  • "Two Point your poles and you'll be Jumpin' in no time, Ava!'

    0_1567464717152_Screenshot-5 (1).jpg

    "Canter on, Kiddo!'


  • aw this foal are so adorable

  • I'm loving those lesson photos! that buckskin is so cute, whats his name?

  • @Wilder-M-Bernardi The buckskin is Bucky! thanks for all your wonderful feedback! <3

  • "Hey Kiddo, you're on Bucky today."


    "Fly away! Ava!"


  • Our silly little gentleman


    Tell me what ya think of this little star!

  • Me and Luna <3 ....... and then theres Cindy:


    Here's a short backup story on Cindy: Cindy Is a lovely mare who is currently a sales mare. She's not here for long but we also hate having lonely horses. So we just smacked Luna my lovely 3 yr old Black Bean with her, and now they're INSEPARABLE

  • That Tobiano does have a nice trot :star2:

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Thanks!

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