• Does anyone mind sharing their reshade settings? I am using 3.0 (I believe?) and some things like the fog and ambient light are too harsh, while things like the blur don't show up enough.

  • You can check out my preset masterlist here and find ones you like!

    You can adjust the fog by finding AdaptiveFog.fx in the bottom of the reshade menu and adjusting the MaxFogFactor setting. The FogStart setting is also useful. To lower ambient light, find AmbientLight.fx and lower the alInt setting. To increase blur, you can adjust the DOF_NEARBLURCURVE and DOF_FARBLURCURVE settings under DOF.fx. The lower the number for each, the more blur. You can also increase the DOF_BLURRADIUS setting. Alternatively, you can increase blur with LightDOF.fx by increasing the DoF Amount setting.

    I hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me here or on slack!

  • Oh wow thats really nice, thanks!
    I found out that it doesn't seem to be working correctly in my game, so I can't use it.

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