[FOUND] Mares for BIY!

  • Hey there!

    I am looking for warmblood mares that compete in Dressage or Eventing or Dressage+Eventing!

    Color and breed doesn't matter! But I would love to have some color!
    Bonus points are preferred, also at least a 3rd gen mare.

    The mare should be able to produce either Trakehner, Danish Warmblood or German Sport Horse.

    Will pay well for the right mares! High quality trades (mostly markings) can also be asked for!

    I am exited to see your offers! :two_hearts:

  • I totally forgot to mention that I'm looking for BIY

  • This one should be able to produce a German Sport Horse:

    Bonus points Max level
    MBS Vanity Fair Spanish Sport Horse CDE Bay 103p 3rd gen /+25 Grand Prix

  • Excited to see what you'll be coming up with :two_hearts:

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