[WANTED] Looking for some new bloodlines!

  • Development Committee

    :sparkles: Hi there guys, it's me again!

    Because we recently have been going through a name change, Valmaxian Stud is in need of fresh bloodlines, so we are yet again opening up our home for some new horses. Last time I was here we were looking for coloured only warmbloods, this time we are just looking for new lines, no matter which colour. Bays and blacks are welcome, just like every other colour!

    What we are looking for:

    • No leasing, only buying
    • Must be warmblood of breed, (in some cases we accept Thoroughbreds and Arabians as well)
    • Preferably bred for Show Jumping, Eventing or Dressage. (Show hunters can be discussed!)
    • Foundations are welcome as well, just like breedings, both traditional and BIY.
      Keep in mind that if its traditional breedings I'm pickier.

    When buying a horse, we look at the overall quality of the horse; pedigree, quality of coat and conformation. We look through all horses and carefully select the ones we feel would fit in with us.

    What we can offer:

    • A forever home, or a chance to buy back first if I for some reason can't keep it.
    • Keeping the previous owner and/or breeder updated with pictures if wanted, let me know!
    • We have very few horses compared to most, thus more time to spend on each and every horse.
    • Keeping them active in R-shows. At least one entry in C-shows and/or Challenges during their life.

    We can guarantee an active showing home and I always contact breeder/previous owner if I can't keep the horse anymore. We rarely sell horses we buy and have only had 2 official sales during these 4,5 (real) years on Equus. These were major downsizes due to inactivity for some periods and most of these have now either new forever homes, been sold back to the breeder or have returned to us when I came back. Therefore you can make sure they will stay safe with us forever, or return to you if it should ever happen again.

    Paying your price as long as it's reasonable. I'm also more than happy to trade with (simple) custom markings, sims or world edits(just look at Em's Praaven as an example or some edited/my own worlds here )

    I will most likely reply faster on slack, so that is the best way to contact me, though I'm replying here on the forum as well.
    Let me know if you might have something! :two_hearts:

  • Hey! I was bored and created a Gelderlander mare that is supposed to be out of two of my horses. She earns one Show Hunter point from her father and will for sure earn points in Show Jumping, since both her parents are jumpers. My plan was to auction her but if you are interested, I can send you a few pics

  • I have an import that was not claimed and I ended up registering him. He's a chestnut Hanoverian stallion currently competing in Show Jumping and is close to his second title. He has 1 bonus point and receives 6 from his parents.

    alt text

    Blue Blood de Duarte, PCRA Chocolate Chip (Dutch warmblood) x Terabithia de Duarte (Hanoverian)

    Right now I don't know if he has a private marking or not (I have to look at CAS). (I can take some more photos if you're interested in him).

    I ask for him 15k.

  • I have a Grand Prix dressage mare for sale here!

  • Could I offer you a breeding (both BIY and traditional available)?

  • I can offer breedings (Traditional or BIY) here. Or feel free to look at my main site and see if any horses catch your eye. I need to downsize :see_no_evil:

  • I can offer you breeding? As I have a few Warmbloods, who should have foals next month (August), anyways. Point is, I would love to breed one for you, with the mare and the stallion of your choice. All mares and stallions are active show horses (started showing them this month) and will be that until 150 to 200 points :)


    KILBORN'S XCALIBUR: Black Leopard (Ee aa nLp) - Knabstrup Classic - Show Jumping 8 point
    KILBORN'S MAVERICK MERLOT: Bay Sabino (EE AA nSb) - Dutch Warmblood - Show Jumping 1 point
    KILBORN'S TOP NOTCH: Bay Roan Tobiano (EE AA Rr nT) - Dutch Warmblood - Show Jumping 1 point
    KILBORN'S ZIANO: Grey (Bay, Ee AA GG) - Swedish Warmblood - Dressage 0 point, Show Jumping 8 points
    KILBORN'S CALIMO: Bay (Ee AA) - Hanoverian - Show Jumping 1 point


    ES RODHEATTE: Black Leopard (EE aa nLp nPATN1) - Knabstrup Sports Horse - Eventing 117 points, Show Jumping 65 points
    KILBORN'S ARABELLA: Seal Brown (EE AA) - Hanoverian - Show Jumping 5 points
    KILBORN'S CARRICA: Bay (EE Aa) - Dutch Warmblood - Show Jumping 5 points
    KILBORN'S MAKING RAINBOWS: Bay (EE AA) - Thoroughbred - Steeplechase 12 points

    I have more horses, but they have no points though :3 See them here!

  • PR Committee

    This boy is probably the only one I'm looking to sell; he's fully titled in eventing but of course he can carry on competing or be used for whatever :shrug:

    I have a fair few retired Warmbloods in dressage, eventing and show jumping that I can offer for breeding; I'd offer traditional breedings if you can excuse the fact I'm too lazy to learn how to make custom markings; but I'll list them all here in case you want to use them with horses offered by others <3

    Cherry Bomb - Fully titled in eventing
    Black Hart - Fully titled in eventing
    Leucetios - Fully titled in eventing
    Henri de Herne - Fully titled in eventing
    Flamenco - Working towards her last title in eventing

    Jaantje - Fully titled in dressage
    Northfall - Working towards his last title in dressage
    Lauralanthalasa - Fully titled in dressage
    Varenna - Fully titled in dressage

    Briar Rose - Fully titled in show jumping, and 150pts in eventing
    Winterrose - Fully titled in show jumping
    Sayonara - Fully titled in show jumping
    Bärenjäger - Fully titled in show jumping
    Mael Carhaix - Fully titled in show jumping
    Frostine - Working towards her last title in show jumping

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