[FOUND] Warmblood mare for a BIY!

  • Hello Equus,
    I'm currently looking for a dam to parent a special colt. It is a red roan tovero Trakehner boy, and here's what I'm looking for:

    • Tobiano girl
    • Able to produce a chestnut
    • Show Jumping and Eventing disciplines
    • Preferably 3rd gen or higher but will look at others
    • Preferably of Trakehner breed but can be TB

    Will happily pay your price for this. I'm also able to offer trades such as BIYs, traditional breedings, leasing services, etc. I'm available either here or on Slack, so throw your girls at me!

  • Still looking

  • Banned

    The only one's I have is 1st generation, and they are still foals/1 years old :3

  • I don't know if she can give chestnut (I guess she can with the right stallion), but I can offer this mare.
    OBEC Queen Juliet. She's a foundation (bay tobiano Trakehner), and she gives almost +2 in Show Jumping (she is an active competitor)

  • Still looking for this very special mare!

  • Okay this is not exactly what you're looking for, but assuming that you're probably having a hard time finding a mare that fits all the criteria, I could offer you Joya. She's a second generation FWB and will hopefully soon reach the maximum title in show jumping, meaning she'll soon give a +12 bonus in it. Her offspring would also receive +3 in eventing from the grandsire. Unfortunately the foal would not be accepted as a Trakehner, but could pass as a member of most other common Warmblood breeds.

  • I very much appreciate your offers, @Irene-Duarte and @Alexander-Westerberg, however the horse is already main site registered and the breed has been setled, also because I'm really needing to increase my Trakehner team, also due to the fact I have no Trake stallions. Thank you though :heart:

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