[ENDED] Dressage Andalusian Stallion

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    Caramelo is a 2 year-old Andalusian stallion by MBS Diamantazo (MBS Dorado x Diamantes de la Reina) and PCRA Vedette. His father is a 3rd generation Andalusian and his mother is a foundation Andalusian. Caramelo was registered on Equus Community a few weeks ago and is ready to start competing on dressage. He has no secondary discipline at the moment but can be changed if desired. He is a chocolate palomino and gets +17 bonus points in dressage, since I own both parents I can guarantee that he will reach +25 at some point (if he is kept active competing too). No private markings were used to create Caramelo's coat so there won't be issues with missing markings. Starting bid is $7,000.

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    Name: Caramelo I de Xantre
    Gender: Stallion
    Coat color: Chocolate Palomino
    Genotype: ee aa Ff nCr
    Discipline: Dressage
    Bonus points: +17
    Main site: 36031


    • Must be kept active in shows.
    • If you no longer want him please let me know as I would buy him back.
    • Don't put up for mass upload.
    • Name must remain the same, you may not add your suffix/prefix.
    • You may geld him if desired.
    • Don't alter coat color or conformation. Shine and detail markings may be changed to suit your needs.
    • Starting bid is $7,000 and minimum increment $1,000.

  • Development Committee

    SB please :smile_cat:

  • @Fiora-Healy accepted ^^

  • Auction ends today at 12am (Spanish time) if no more bids are placed.

  • 8 thousand :))

  • @Lidija-Rotherford accepted!

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